5 Dangerous Foods

5 Dangerous Foods
5 Dangerous Foods

The main rule for those who do not want to gain weight is to eat in small portions. And although all of these foods are legal, stopping in time can be tricky!

5 dangerous foods

Olive oil

Of course, olive oil is very useful, because it is a source of "good" fats, which are indispensable for the proper functioning of the heart. But only 2 tbsp. l. add 240 kcal to your meal. Smarter way out: add 2 tsp

Regular serving - 2 tbsp. l. Optimal serving - 2 tsp

Dark chocolate

It's almost impossible to limit yourself to 2-3 pieces. The fact is that chocolate enhances the secretion of hormones of happiness, and because of this, we want more and more chocolate. But there are 600 kcal in a whole bar - the same amount you can get with a full meal!

Regular serving - 1 bar. Optimal serving - 30 g (3 pieces)

Whole wheat pasta

Pasta made from durum wheat or whole grains is an indispensable source of fiber. But beware: there are 347 calories in 2 cups of cooked pasta, and that's without sauce, vegetables, or (horror!) cheese.

Regular serving - 2 cups of ready-made pasta. The optimal serving is 1 glass.


Any nutritionist will tell you that a handful of nuts is a very he althy and satisfying snack, because nuts are high in protein and fiber. That's just a handful - the concept is very conditional. And if you ate a full handful, you need to understand that it will contain more than 300 kcal.

Regular serving ½ cup. Optimal serving - 30 g.


A glass of wine is a great addition to a gala dinner, only by “glass” nutritionists usually mean a serving of 120 g (about 120 kcal), but you can pour 250 ml into a regular wine glass, and at the same time it will still feel half full.

Regular serving - 250 ml. The optimal serving is 120 ml.

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