What are the dangers of he althy foods and what harm they can do to the body

What are the dangers of he althy foods and what harm they can do to the body
What are the dangers of he althy foods and what harm they can do to the body

What can happen to your body if you overindulge in tasty and he althy food?

9 Side Effects of He althy Foods


Cabbage is beautiful, he althy, fried, stewed and pickled. It is a valuable source of vitamins and fiber for you. What is her trick? It makes your peristalsis work more actively, sometimes even too much. You are all right, you are perfectly he althy, but you will have to go to the toilet several times more often.

Beans and lentils

The vitamins, minerals and fiber in legumes are great for your body. But, as many know from their own experience, they cause gas and flatulence. You don't have to give up beans at all. Just reduce your daily intake to about 100g (cooked) and you can avoid stomach troubles.


Excessive consumption of carrots every day can cause yellowing of the skin. This is not a joke or a horror story from a pioneer camp. Another issue is that this feature is quite individual and rarely occurs. You should not worry about this, you are absolutely he althy, but the amount of carrots in the diet will have to be reduced.


For all its benefits in preventing heart disease and colds, garlic has a strong, well-known smell that is hard to mask. The smell will be much less strong if the garlic is heat treated. So ditch raw garlic and dried powdered garlic for your meals, but bake or boil it if you don't want to deprive yourself of the taste and benefits of this plant.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts can cause a metallic taste in the mouth after eating. The taste can last from a couple of hours to several weeks. It depends on the freshness of the nuts and the presence of preservatives in them. Sometimes a slight roasting of the grains can remove this effect. Researchers also associate this taste with the individual sensitivity of the body. Therefore, if after pine nuts you feel very unpalatable, switch to other nuts and seeds.

Red wine

The resveratrol in red wine is great at protecting you from chronic and age-related diseases, but if you abuse this drink, you risk dehydration and weight gain at the same time (one glass of wine has 150 calories). In addition, wine can disrupt the sleep cycle. So limit yourself to a maximum of one glass of wine a day.


Chocolate is a recognized source of antioxidants, especially in 70% chocolate. It regulates weight, strengthens the heart muscles and improves mood. But if you're prone to heartburn after eating, be aware that chocolate contains substances that trigger heartburn. Therefore, do not get carried away with tea.


Asparagus is so rich in folic acid that it has the cute feature of giving your urine a pungent spicy smell. Don't worry, this is completely normal and you're fine. The only way to somehow reduce the smell, if it bothers you, is to drink more water on the days when you eat this source of vitamins.


Everyone has heard about changing the color of urine after eating beets in red or pink. It turns out that this occurs in about 10% of people. But here's what's interesting: according to research, people who are deficient in glands in the body are most susceptible to this effect. Seek medical attention if, in addition to these symptoms, you often experience unexplained fatigue and drowsiness (the most common signs of iron deficiency).

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