How to lose weight at home - easy ways

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How to lose weight at home - easy ways
How to lose weight at home - easy ways

There can be many different situations in life when there is no time to go to the gym, nothing, or it is simply forbidden by quarantine. And sometimes, everything is possible, but you are ashamed to do physical exercises in front of strangers? Look around, any place and any situation in our life can serve as a gym. In ways we don't even notice, we can shed a hundred or two calories every day.

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Feet-legs, herself-herself

To work, to the store, to visit - do not be lazy and walk two or three bus stops on foot (we remember that quarantine is for the future). Walking is a great, affordable way for everyone to keep fit. You will be surprised, but often we spend as much on waiting for transport and a trip as on a walking tour. And once again be surprised at the end of the month when you realize that the added daily walking route for just a couple of kilometers can do wonders for the tummy.

More words and more movement

Did you know that we burn 50% more calories standing up than sitting down? The next time you're on the phone with friends or family, get up and walk around the room instead of sitting in a chair. By the way, you can also eat while standing, looking out the window, for example. It's very effective, trust me! Especially if after that you don’t immediately sit down, but walk around the apartment for at least 10 minutes.

Give up the elevator

At least once in a while walk up the stairs. Even if you live or work on the 14th floor and the prospect of climbing scares you, you can always go down. This is also a load on the muscles of the legs. People buy special fitness equipment in the form of steps, while the steps ask you to “walk on me” every step of the way for free.

In front of the TV

Although with every cell you actively empathize with what is happening on the screen, the muscles at this moment are practically inactive. No, we are not talking about jaw muscles now, eating while watching is harmful.

Why not roll off the couch to the floor and watch TV while stretching and changing positions? Stretching your muscles relieves stress, and as ironic as it may sound, lying on a hard floor costs more calories than sitting on a soft couch.

Home cleaning

This is not everyone's favorite activity, so try to enjoy the knowledge that you are doing light fitness along the way. Wiping dust, bending over and unbending, wringing out rags with your hands, you train muscles for free, but at home, and not under the guidance of a trainer.

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