Laziness + laziness=love? 11 pluses in the union of two couch potatoes

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Laziness + laziness=love? 11 pluses in the union of two couch potatoes
Laziness + laziness=love? 11 pluses in the union of two couch potatoes

“Oh, my husband is such a loafer, such a fool! I already went to the store, and cooked dinner, and vacuumed the carpet - and this one is lying, he can’t take out the garbage! - familiar situation. But what if both are paired - loafers and varmints? You don't pay for the Internet, the dog doesn't walk, the cow isn't milked - and they … But there are advantages in the marriage of two lazybones. Or is it just an example of what will happen to you if you don't pull yourself together?

Laziness + laziness=love? 11 pluses in the union of two couch potatoes

1. It doesn't really matter how you look. T-shirt and stretched sweatpants? Ahhh, it'll do. A lazy person cannot demand smartness from another.

2. You don’t have to pretend to each other that you incredibly want to go in for sports, but you just can’t manage to allocate time and money for a gym membership. I don’t want and I won’t - a position familiar to the second half is not hearsay.

3. It doesn't take long to agree on plans for the weekend: you already know that you will wallow and watch everything, like a bear in a den dreams about summer.

4. Sweet naps are sacred. Fall ready to go down a mountain of chips and nuts, knocking over a couple of empty beer bottles on the way, cover your head with a newspaper and snore. What? Run to throw garbage in a bucket as soon as it is formed? Here's another, what an unreasonable waste of energy. Tomorrow you will sweep everything away.

5. Your leisure time at home has a good excuse. Well, what nonsense - wasting time and money on some trips to the club when you can get drunk at home. In addition, on your own sofa, nothing will prevent you from having thoughtful and frank conversations, and then having sex.

6. How do you relax? And you don't strain. Whoever does nothing is not mistaken. Well, and so on. You save yourself from unnecessary stress, and if at the same time you have no ambitions, then you both feel quite happy. Came home from work, did the necessary minimum - and on the flank. After all, you worked all week, you deserve it.

7. With a partner just like you, who doesn't like to make unnecessary moves, you don't have to pretend to be someone else. You can afford to be unwashed Fedora from Chukovsky's fairy tale: no dishes, no beloved they will not run away from you (he will just be lazy).

8. You can calmly bask in the bathroom for three hours - and no one will judge you, scream: "Oh, how much time is lost!" People who prefer passive recreation perceive time as "here and now", and not as an opportunity to feverishly accumulate memories for old age.

9. You both always look well-rested. Not like your exhausted, sleep-deprived friends.

10. You sweat less - you wash less. You run less through the mountains, through the valleys - you get less dirty. You don’t make birdhouses at home - you don’t even have to collect sawdust. Activity breeds activity, and inactivity requires minimal maintenance.

11. Friends don't really expect you to take your ass off the couch and come to them for a holiday. Therefore, it's less likely to have to look for excuses when they call you, but you don't want to go. But if both of you suddenly take it and come, then make a splash.

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