Victoria Daineko threatened by neighbors

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Victoria Daineko threatened by neighbors
Victoria Daineko threatened by neighbors

The cause of the conflict was the baby stroller, which the singer left at the entrance for two hours. The neighbors got into a fight with the artist because they couldn't drive their car straight to the front doors.

Victoria Daineko is threatened by neighbors

Singer Victoria Daineko and her husband, drummer Dmitry Kleiman, first became parents a little over a month ago. They had a daughter in one of the elite metropolitan clinics. The happy parents prefer not to disclose the name of the child. The artist hid her interesting position from everyone around her for a long time and was very sensitive to questions about her personal life.

Recently, on her Twitter, the singer complained to subscribers about her neighbors, who, according to her, began to threaten her because of a baby carriage left for several hours in the entrance. “I never liked Mazdas and their owners. They always came across to me some kind of nasty. And I don't like neighbors on the Mazda. We were offended that the place was closed for two hours. Threats immediately began. And they don't pull strollers every day. The packages, they say, had to be carried by hand. So you have to threaten. Let the wheels be cut on camera at the entrance because of the packages,”Victoria shared with her subscribers (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved).

A frustrated celebrity, apparently after walking with her little daughter, does not always have time to move the stroller into the apartment on her own. This was the reason for the claims from the neighbors against the celebrity. Judging by the photos from Daineko's Instagram, where pictures of a young mother often appear in the company of a baby in a park or on a playground near the house, we can conclude that the artist often goes for walks with a baby in a stroller.

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