Hot Friday: 8 attractive men from TV shows

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Hot Friday: 8 attractive men from TV shows
Hot Friday: 8 attractive men from TV shows

These men kindled a fire in our hearts. To create a real Friday mood, we have made a selection of the most beautiful and hottest TV series characters that will keep you company this weekend! You definitely won't be bored with them.

Hot Friday: 8 attractive men from TV shows

James Sawyer

Josh Holloway

Staying Alive

Well, who didn't pay attention to James Sawyer in Lost? It is pointless to tell the plot of this series - anyway, no one will understand anything, except for “catastrophe”, “bunker” and “island”. Therefore, you can just enjoy Sawyer. By the way, Ian Somerhalder could become the main competitor to Holloway's character, but after a couple of episodes, the handsome man disappeared from the series.

Jaime Lannister

Nikolai Coster-Waldau

Game of Thrones

Girls love bad boys for some reason. Maybe we don’t like them so much in real life, but watching them in TV shows is a sweet thing! Therefore, following Sawyer, we are talking about the main scoundrel from the Lannister clan, who at the very beginning of the series shocked the audience a little - Jaime threw a young boy off a cliff for, of course, love. Love, by the way, is as strange and forbidden as his act: Lannister burns with love for his twin sister, who reciprocated and gave birth to bastards.

Dean Winchester

Jensen Ackles


Forgive us Jared Padalecki, who plays the role of Sam Winchester, but plump lips and unforgivably beautiful green eyes have won our hearts forever. You may not have seen a single episode of "Supernatural", but you heard the name of Dean Winchester for sure! And we are sure that his name sounded in the context of "the same handsome man from the series."

Damon Salvatore

Ian Somerhalder

The Vampire Diaries

And now Somerhalder's finest hour has come! If someone did not notice his small role in Lost, then in The Diaries it is simply impossible to miss this guy. It is noteworthy that the fans (it is better to say that they were fans) of the series were divided into two camps: some want to be bitten by Stefan, Damon's older brother, while others (including us) want Damon the vampire home.

Oliver Queen

Steven Amell


Everything we love: handsome millionaire, womanizer and, in general, bad-bad-bad. But so beautiful, so charming. In addition, the guy, after five years of being on a desert island, realized all his deeds and began to lead an active night life. True, this time he does without loud parties, preferring to save the world from scoundrels and villains over fun.

Dale Barbara

Mike Vogel

"Under the Dome"

A desperate ex-military man with a cute nickname "Barbie" delights the female gaze with her beauty. However, apart from the nickname, there is nothing cute about him. In the story, Dale killed and buried in the forest one of the inhabitants of a small town, who turned out to be the husband of an influential journalist, Julia Shumway.


Michael Or

"Almost human"

Half human, half robot Dorian is the new partner of police officer John Kennex. Naturally, the human John is very negative about the idea of ​​​​cooperating with the robot, but we liked him right away. Well, almost immediately - as soon as it was turned on.

Vincent Keller

Jay Ryan

Beauty and the Beast

Dr. Vincent Keller is a soldier mysteriously disappeared in Afghanistan, randomly found by detective Katherine Chandler, who learns his terrible secret: he was recruited into the army, he was changed at the genetic level with the help of a special steroid and now turns into a real one in moments of rage monster. No, not like the Hulk, but similar. Personally, we like Vincent more when he's cute and soft.

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