9 simple rules for keeping your apartment or house in order

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9 simple rules for keeping your apartment or house in order
9 simple rules for keeping your apartment or house in order

Following these simple rules, you can minimize the mess, not get tired of cleaning and not spend a lot of time on it. And also stop worrying.

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Clean only 10 minutes

Cleaning the whole house is a daunting task, so tell yourself that you only have 10 minutes to clean, set a timer and do what you can do. Do this once or twice a day and you won't get tired or feel exhausted. Tip: It's easiest to run a microfiber cloth over all surfaces to remove dust. This gives the most noticeable effect of cleanliness and you will feel more satisfied with your work.

Get your weekly outfits over the weekend

And hang them in advance on one hanger. If you have only two blouses in which you go to work, then collect sets according to the principle “everything under the first blouse” and “everything under the second”. The beauty of this method is that the morning preparations will not make you worry that you have nothing to wear, and you will not waste time looking for the right thing at the very last moment. Having he althy nerves is priceless, isn't it?

Another reason to do this once a week: You might find something you'll never wear again and ruthlessly throw it away. Well, well, well, leave her daughter when she grows up. At least take it out of the closet on the mezzanine.

Inspect your refrigerator once a week

This is best done before going shopping. Throw away anything that is expired or suspicious. At the same time, you will find out how many extra products you buy every week. Make a menu for the family for the week, stuff the refrigerator, and you won't have to go to the store for a whole week. Except for bread, on the way home from work.

Unload yourself both physically and mentally

No, we don't mean lying on the couch all day with a bottle of wine. There are easier and he althier ways. Take a weekly inventory with a piece of paper about what you like and don't like about your life. Get rid of the problems that depress you before they accumulate and cause depression. If during this mental cleaning you find that you have taken on too many chores around the house, social work or problematic relationships - you can honestly reconsider your attitude towards these obligations.

Connect the family

Split cleaning duties between your kids, your husband, and yourself, and never get into someone else's territory. Have the dog's paws not washed after a walk? So, the children took the dog and washed it. And also the floor of the apartment. I only clean floors when you are doing your duty, and the consequences of violations are eliminated by violators.

Limit the cleaning area

In addition to the "10 minutes" rule, you can enter a place limit. Every day different zones. “I’m cleaning the toilet now and I don’t get carried away anymore.” As a result, you will not find yourself in an hour as a lathering witch cursing the inventors of mop with sophisticated curses.

Place storage devices around the house

Instead of constantly hanging abandoned baby clothes, men's socks and the like in their places, put a couple of laundry baskets in key places. And just casually dump everything that is out of place there. Once a week, or as you build up, have your family clean up the junk.

Spring clean in key areas

If you spend most of your time in the kitchen, clean it thoroughly on your day off. And other places as far as possible. If you work from home, your bedroom or the room you work from is key. Rule: General cleaning should keep the place that is most important to you clean. The rest is not so important and do not spend more energy on it than necessary.

Combine business with pleasure

Think about what brings you pleasure and benefit can be combined with cleaning? Make a hair mask while you're ironing? Listen to a tutorial while you sweep? Our consciousness notes what we focus on. And the thought “I study while I clean” will allow you to spend more time with pleasure than “I have to clean while I study.” Simple trick but works all the time.

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