3 Holiday Makeup Ideas for Christmas

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3 Holiday Makeup Ideas for Christmas
3 Holiday Makeup Ideas for Christmas

Anastasia Panina, actress and host of the Disney Channel's Mom 5+ program, tried on three bright looks ideal for the New Year.

3 Holiday Ideas for New Year's Makeup
3 Holiday Ideas for New Year's Makeup


Images from Anna Merkusheva, national makeup artist MAKE UP FOR EVER

Christmas is an occasion to experiment with deep hues and shimmery textures.

Christmas is an occasion to experiment with deep hues and shimmery textures.

1. Apply Artist Shadow ME614 brown metallic eyeshadow to the inner and outer corners of the eyes and blend.

2. Apply shimmery copper shade D652 all over the lid, blending into the crease area.

3. Create a highlight in the center of the lid with the ME400 golden shadows.

4. Paint over the mucosa with the Artist Liner and blend along the ciliary contour.

5. Apply several coats of Smoke Extravagant Mascara to your lashes.

Tip: For makeup to last all night, opt for waterproof makeup!

Shadows Artist Shadow; liner Artist Liner; lipstick Rouge Artist Naturel 1. All MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Bright lips

Natalia Vlasova, Giorgio Armani national makeup artist in Russia

Red lipstick is a luxurious accessory that will instantly make your look spectacular.

1. Moisturize your skin well and apply foundation. When it comes to red lipstick, skin tone must be perfect.

2. Apply lipstick with your finger, working the color into your lips. To give lips extra volume, mix two shades. It is important that the color of the lipstick is saturated and the texture is perfect.

3. Carefully comb and shape your eyebrows.

4. Highlight your cheekbones with a highlighter.

Tip: If you don't want to overload your face too much, skip the mascara and accentuate your eyes with natural shades.

Eyeshadow Eyes to Kill Solo, 9; mascara Black Ecstasy; Rouge Ecstasy lipstick, 402. All Giorgio Armani.

Focus on the eyes

Vladimir Kalinchev, lead makeup artist at Max Factor

Bright and rich colors are the best choice for the main night of the year!

1. Apply a black pencil along the ciliary edge of the upper and lower eyelids, then blend lightly.

2. Apply Wild Shadow Pots in Untamed Green all over the lid and the inner corner of the lower lid.

3. On the outer corner of the upper and lower eyelids - shades of Ferocious Black. Blend the border between shades.

4. Finish off with Masterpiece Transform Mascara for maximum volume.

Tip: Lips can remain neutral with bright eye makeup.

Mascara Masterpiece Transform; lip gloss Color Elixir Gloss Nude Pomade; facefinity compact powder. All Max Factor.

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