Hair lamination: 3 ways to do it at home

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Hair lamination: 3 ways to do it at home
Hair lamination: 3 ways to do it at home

Lamination of hair is an opportunity to make them smoother and shinier, and at the same time create a protective coating that will make your hair he althier. Usually this procedure is done in the salon, but we learned from a professional stylist how to do hair lamination at home.

Hair lamination: 3 ways to do it at home
Hair lamination: 3 ways to do it at home

Color Enhancement and Lamination Finest Pigments by Davines

Leave the product on the hair for 20 minutes, wash my hair without shampoo, dry it as usual. And voila! We have beautiful, shiny and he althy hair. My clients, and myself, are delighted with this product.”

Ciel Home Lamination Kit

First, you need to wash your hair with regular shampoo, then dry your hair with a towel and apply a filler serum to them for 10 minutes. She will close the scales of the hair and prepare them for the next step. Further, without washing off the serum, you apply a special balm, stepping back from the roots, so as not to weigh down the hair. Wait another 10 minutes. Then just rinse off with running water and style as usual - the result will be noticeable immediately!

Wella Professionals Hair Laminator

It is not easy to make such lamination at home, but it is quite possible. Better ask a friend to help you - it's much easier with four hands. You need to prepare the mixture according to the instructions and apply along the entire length. Don't forget to wear gloves as if you were dyeing your hair. In the salon, as a rule, they use a special heating apparatus for lamination, but you just have to increase the exposure time.

Since this tool not only laminates hair, but also dyes, exposure will depend on the selected color. But if you just decide to refresh your hair tone on tone, then you need to wait 25-30 minutes. Done!

If you still decide to do lamination in the salon

Our expert, top stylist Ivan Anisimov, says that some types of lamination are still better to do in the salon. It's all about the Climazon device, which allows you to heat your hair to the right temperature and achieve maximum effect.

“If you want your hair to just shine,” says the stylist, “Sebastian brand cosmetics are the best. The result is really impressive! But, alas, it is simply impossible to use it at home, unless, of course, you buy an expensive salon device that costs several hundred thousand rubles.”

Interestingly, lamination of hair at home by professional means has a prolonged effect. After the first time, the coating is washed off quite quickly as a result of shampooing, but if you do the procedure regularly, the effect will last much longer.

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