Why do men cheat on women?

Why do men cheat on women?
Why do men cheat on women?

Do you want to know the truth? All men lie. We asked them why this is happening and collected the most common lies.

Why do men cheat on women?
Why do men cheat on women?

Of course honey, this dress looks great

Why does he say this: to avoid trouble

Men use these forgivable fictions not only to avoid offending you ("No, no, this dress does not make you look fat at all"), but also to make their life easier ("These jeans look great"), and avoiding trouble (“Cindy Crawford is not my type at all”).

I can fix this

Why does he say this: out of self-respect

Of course, there are specially trained people to repair plumbing or electrical wiring. However, turning to them means officially admitting one's insolvency. That's why so many salespeople cut off their fingers every year in an attempt to master a circular saw.

No, I didn't look at her breasts

Why he says this: To strike a balance between marriage and millions of years of evolution

No matter how long you're married, he won't stop wanting other women. You can stop eating chocolate, but you can't stop wanting it, you know? When a pretty woman passes by, he will notice it whether he wants it or not. That's the way men are.

Nothing happened

Why he says this: to deal with problems himself

Men don't flaunt their emotions so as not to appear weak. They prefer to experience their sadness alone, pretending nothing happened and trying to ignore your questions.

There's something wrong with my phone

Why does he say this: self-defense

No one wants women to be disappointed in them. So when you get angry that he didn't call you, he will try to convince you otherwise by proving that his intentions were pure, but that's the way things are.

I don't want to have sex if you don't

Why is he saying this: so as not to sound preoccupied

Women love sex. With the right person, in the right mood and dressed in the right clothes. In men, sex is an unconditioned reflex, they do not even need to know the name of the partner. To somehow adapt, he has to pretend.

I'm the best baby

Why does he say this: to make you happy again for your choice

Almost all men embellish their exploits to emphasize their courage and fortitude. And to remind you what a gorgeous guy you married! Well, to once again amuse your own ego.

"My ex? She was… ordinary”

Why does he say this: you force yourself

You ask him how many women has he slept with? How good was he with them? Did he change? Phew, what nonsense. You can guess what his answers will be. You yourself are forcing him to lie to you so that you do not have to hurt your feelings.

I didn't cheat on you

Why does he say this: self-preservation instinct

When a man does something that poses a significant risk to the marriage, he will choose to lie to you about it, choosing the lesser of two evils. Living with guilt is better than ruining a marriage by confessing to a single affair. Would you really like to know that he cheated on you once and it will never happen again?

I will never lie to you

Why does he say this: to live happily ever after

Actually, this phrase is not so categorical. Time will tell. Will he ever lie, evade, or be cunning? Certainly. But does he want to be happy? Absolutely.

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