7 Easy Ways to Whiten Your Teeth: Do it Now

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7 Easy Ways to Whiten Your Teeth: Do it Now
7 Easy Ways to Whiten Your Teeth: Do it Now

Snow white smile - plus 100 points to your rating. But in clinics, prices bite, and it’s impossible not to drink red wine and coffee at all! So let's whiten your teeth at home: easy, fast and affordable!

7 easy ways to whiten your teeth: do it now!
7 easy ways to whiten your teeth: do it now!

71% of girls and 58% of men surveyed said they pay attention to the whiteness of their teeth more often than to the style of clothing or features of the figure. Believe it or not, the item about teeth got more votes than the item about breasts on the men's survey!

So write it down.

1. Get a banana peel

Banana peel can make your tooth enamel much lighter! Just after you have eaten a banana (which, by the way, is considered one of the he althiest foods in the world), rub your teeth with the inside of the skin, a minute each on the upper and lower teeth. Do not rinse your mouth and do not eat anything for 10 minutes, and then brush your teeth with a dry (!) Brush. Repeat every day!

2. Eat cheese

It does not whiten teeth by itself, but it reduces the risk of superficial caries, which can cause the enamel to become yellowish or brownish. The secret is that the cheese has a rather viscous consistency, which, like sticky tape, collects all harmful bacteria and microparticles of food from the surface of the teeth. The main thing is to bite right off the piece so that the magical effect extends to the interdental space.

3. Brush your teeth with strawberries

Tyra Banks and Catherine Zeta-Jones do not hide the fact that they prefer natural strawberries to whitening pastes. The acids contained in the berry clean the teeth from plaque and have a whitening effect. You can exfoliate, as in the banana example, or you can make your own homemade toothpaste. For one cleansing, you will need one large or two small strawberries, a pinch of s alt and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. Crush the berries, mix s alt and soda into this puree and brush your teeth as usual. S alt will work as an adsorbent, absorbing all impurities, soda - as an abrasive, cleaning the enamel, and fruit acids - as a bleach. Triple Strike!

4. Use apple cider vinegar

Great way to whiten your teeth and kill bacteria in your mouth. Mix half a teaspoon of vinegar with the same amount of water, dip your toothbrush in it and brush your teeth without any paste. After a month of daily use of this method, the enamel will become a tone lighter! In this case, you risk absolutely nothing. The main thing - do not forget to rinse your mouth with plain water after brushing, so as not to leave excess acid on the enamel.

5. Prepare lemon zest

An excellent whitening paste is made from grated lemon zest and baking soda. But remember: this is heavy artillery. The teeth will become whiter after 2-3 uses, but this method cannot be used constantly, otherwise the enamel may become thinner. So save for an emergency.

6. Summon Oil for Help

Unexpected, but very effective and completely safe. The method has been known for many hundreds of years, but for some reason it is used extremely rarely. But in vain! So, you need coconut oil (preferably cold pressed). Using a cotton pad, apply it to all surfaces of your teeth that are accessible to you. Try to get the oil into the interdental spaces as well. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse your mouth and brush your teeth as usual. The oil dissolves old plaque, freshens breath and helps your toothbrush do its job better.

7. Keep your distance

If you decide to get serious about home whitening, remember: it is best to carry out whitening procedures before bed to exclude coffee, tea, wine and other enamel-staining drinks for at least 8 hours. And smile! Smile!

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