Designing a student's room for the new school year: designer ideas

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Designing a student's room for the new school year: designer ideas
Designing a student's room for the new school year: designer ideas

How to decorate a student's room? The question that millions of parents ask themselves on the eve of the school year. We have selected the most successful ideas of Russian architects for children's projects.

How to decorate a student's room?
How to decorate a student's room?

Rebel design

Project author Ekaterina Savkina, Design Direction

Mistress of the room is finishing school. Parents ordered the princess's room, but the designer turned out to be more progressive - she proposed a different concept. The project has many fashionable interpretations of the loft style - metal furniture, walls with wooden planks, pallet furniture, as well as dark shades combined with bright ones.

Central accent

The sofa, the only remaining piece of the old furnishings, was upholstered in a new fabric that defined the main colors of the project.


Ekaterina made a small low table on wheels from old boards. With the help of a stencil, the numbers "1997" were put on it - the year of birth of the hostess of the room.


It was also hand-painted, short formulas and words from the educational lexicon were chosen for the facades to fit into the size of the doors.

Sleeping area

Cube bedroom

Project authors Alexander Malinin and Anastasia Sheveleva, INT2architecture

Plywood cube

A plywood cube built around a window holds a large bed (sofa), a shelving unit, a chest of drawers, a pull-out wardrobe and plenty of storage space. This solution is very effective in terms of ergonomics: if similar in functionality, but separate furniture is placed around the room, crampedness cannot be avoided. The color scheme of the project deserves special attention. The room is painted white, visually enlarging the room. Even the floor is covered with pure white paint.

Multifunctional wall

Wall in front of the bed: Depending on the position of the sliding partition, it can be a full-length mirror, a projector screen or a whiteboard to write notes on.


An oak table with drawers like a bureau, posters - enlarged illustrations from old reference books, a stylish chair and lamp, the design of which was invented in the first half of the 20th century.


On the right side of the box there is a wardrobe made in the form of a large pull-out two-level section. Under the bed there are 2 drawers for bed linen and seasonal items.


The box is made from lightweight, durable and affordable softwood plywood. The surface is partially painted in a mint shade with a water-based enamel. In places where the texture remained visible, the woody pattern is emphasized by brushing.

British accent

Project author Olga Podolskaya, Odesign

Until recently, a child lived in this 19-meter room - books, toys, a beige kingdom. But the child grew up and wanted the room to grow up too. The window sill was pushed into the room and became a sofa that easily accommodates 3-4 people. The bedroom and dressing room are hidden in a niche: when necessary, the “boudoir” is closed with a thick velvet curtain. The designer deliberately did not add additional storage space, limiting herself to a large white wardrobe.

Favorite souvenirs

The owner of the room filled the interior with her favorite things on her own. Wall frames, plaques and a collection of toy mini Coopers are from her summer trips to England.

Color as a starting point

The main palette of the interior is rich colors of the English flag. The wallpaper features a nautical theme, monarchic symbols and a traditional stripe.

Bedroom behind curtain

In a niche hidden behind a velvet curtain, there is a sleeping and dressing area, painted to match the light blue print on the wallpaper in the mini-living room.

The bed is raised to 60 cm - as was customary in the Victorian era.

Everything is like in adults

Teenage interiors are not the same as children's rooms. Need big beds, full work areas and storage space, no frills, teddy bears or cartoons.

Nothing pink

Project authors Natalia Maslova, Katerina Sizova

In this project, the designers divided the attic into two bedrooms for the sisters using mirrored walls. The main background was deliberately made cool. The designers decided that it is not necessary to make the room emphatically childish. Opposite the bed, there is a workplace where the cold severity of the primary colors is diluted with a bright lamp and a chair, emphasizing the modern minimalistic space.

Space interior

Project author Mikhail Novinsky, MN Design

Here, the workspaces for the teenage brothers have been made in the bay area, so that everyone has a “own” window that provides good lighting and is a great eye trainer. Storage space is provided by pull-out cabinets between beds and under the tabletop, as well as drawers under the beds.


Project author Maria Rozhnikova, StudioMR

The interior of this nursery is an example of how you can maintain the overall style of the house without sacrificing the overall concept. The whole "adult space" of the apartment is a solid classic, and this children's room looks brighter and fresher due to the rich color of the walls. The blue walls are adorned with a huge world map, and a work table and a chair with carved elements stylistically unite the nursery with the rest of the rooms. Even the child's chair (with all the necessary ergonomic adjustments) is a tribute to the classics.

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