Simple diets

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Simple diets
Simple diets

We analyzed thousands of reviews, hundreds of menus and dozens of comments from professional nutritionists and figured out which diets are not only effective, but also easy to follow!

The easiest diets: anyone can stand it!
The easiest diets: anyone can stand it!

1. Protein Diet

The basic principle of the easiest and most effective diet for weight loss - no fat, fast carbohydrates, no sweets, starchy foods, alcohol, no fruits and cereals.

Low-fat meat, fish, game, vegetables and unsweetened beverages can be consumed in virtually unlimited quantities.

The main plus of protein diets is that you will never go hungry, the restrictions will not affect substances vital for the body, you do not risk getting anemia, feeling weak and dizzy due to malnutrition.

The main disadvantage is that this diet “hits” the kidneys, so it is categorically not suitable for everyone whose kidneys are not in perfect condition. And even absolutely he althy people, while following a protein diet, are advised to drink more water so that the body does not oversaturate with protein. In addition, you need to make up for the lack of vitamins that you normally get from fruits.

Nutritionists recommend following a protein diet for no longer than 14 days.

An example of a protein diet: alternating a protein and protein-vegetable day

Protein Day:

  • For breakfast - protein omelet with herbs and salmon.
  • Low-fat yogurt for second breakfast.
  • For lunch - boiled meat or chicken
  • For lunch - boiled shrimp
  • For dinner - salmon or lamb steak
  • Before sleep - yogurt

Protein-Vegetable Day:

  • For breakfast - zucchini pancakes or scrambled eggs with green onions, tomatoes and bell peppers
  • For the second breakfast - low-fat cottage cheese with herbs
  • For lunch: tuna salad with vegetables
  • For lunch: vegetable salad
  • For dinner: grilled meat with a side dish of stewed cabbage

2. Separate meals according to Shelton

Carbohydrates need an alkaline environment to break down, while proteins need an acidic environment. Accordingly, they need to be eaten at different times! This principle formed the basis of a popular diet, which is especially appreciated by those who like to eat often and plentifully. After all, there are no restrictions, the main thing is to group products!

The only thing Shelton suggests giving up is milk.

Otherwise, you can create your own diet using the product compatibility table. One of the easiest diets for fast weight loss!

3. Aromatic Diet

Aromatherapist Alan Hirsch noticed that some smells stimulate the appetite and some reduce it.

His recommendations for the easiest diet to lose weight are simple: before eating and every time you feel hungry, you need to inhale the essential oils of mint, lavender or rose, or smell an apple or a banana.

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