"Well what? To you or to me?" All about the benefits of online dating

"Well what? To you or to me?" All about the benefits of online dating
"Well what? To you or to me?" All about the benefits of online dating

One day you're sitting all looking so beautiful, almost slender, smart, but endlessly lonely, and you think, “Damn it! I have not had sex for a year, but just dates!” Blogger Maria Vasilyeva shares intimate.

“Well what? To you or to me?" All about the delights of online dating
“Well what? To you or to me?" All about the delights of online dating

Maria Vasilyeva, Blogger

And you think like this: “I want (well, here, for reasons of modesty, we will keep silent about real desires) just to go out to a cafe and talk to a man not from work, not from a company of dog lovers, not from the parent committee! To a dating site!”

You go and register on one of the popular sites that Google gave you for search. Of course, you post the best of your photos, look at popular users who fit in all parameters. And you wait. Sometimes for a very short time, because in a personal I start to pour offers to go on a date, drink coffee or, straight, have sex right here and now, without leaving the Internet.

In the battle for whether or not to get acquainted on the Internet, many broke their spears. I will tell from myself. I met my husband there, on the Web. True, not on a dating site, but simply in a chat. Regular chat to chat. Well, we chatted. We met in May, devirtualized in August, and got married in October. And this is not my only experience of online communication.

Communication on the Internet gives a chance to live everything very quickly. You, not seeing the interlocutor, are bold and courageous. Letters are not at all what to say, looking into the eyes, right? Therefore, you easily talk about what worries you, what seems important, and you are reciprocated.

Of course, you can run into strange things.

One of my friends on a dating site received a letter from a friend who introduced himself as a physicist working in a department at some university, candidate of science, author of works on the relevant subject. A guy showed up for a date in worn-out sneakers, very worn trousers, with traces of intelligence on his sleeping face, who immediately asked: “Well, what? Shall we go to you or to me?” When the woman refused, he croaked: “I was just wasting my token on the subway, kozzza …” In fact, there are normal people on dating sites. Men, I mean. There are just very few of them. They, just like us, are sure that all women (as we think about men) want only one thing - money and beauty.

Sometimes they are overtly aggressive. I registered on a dating site, for work somehow. I hung the scariest of all my photographs, honestly, objectively scary. The first message came: "You are beautiful, dear, let's meet." I doubted the normality of the writer and did not answer.

The second was something like this: “Damn, you are ugly. In general, they should only be kept in solitary confinement!” The photo of the writer also did not differ in beauty. And I wrote to him that, they say, admire yourself first! Our correspondence was fierce, we delightedly cursed each other with all sorts of curses. After one and a half to two hours, he made a date for me, since then we have been tender friends.

Another friend of mine registered and deleted her profile from the same dating site six times! On the seventh lucky. And then it was not she herself who registered, but her sister, under her name. And married the girl.

But of course, we must remember that a very large number of men sitting on dating sites are simply raising their self-esteem or looking for easy sex. They are infinitely sure that there are few of them, princes, and much more women. If you are texting, but he does not call you on a date, that's it, there is nothing special to expect here.

And you can find a man on the Internet.

Just don't put a huge "I want to get married" stamp on your forehead. Man, he's shy these days. Like a fish. But in fishing places it is caught.

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