Unique "Green Deal" for culinary professionals

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Unique "Green Deal" for culinary professionals
Unique "Green Deal" for culinary professionals

If you strive to be in the trend of the most positive culinary knowledge about he althy eating, if you dream of losing weight, want to comply with the thesis “we are what we eat”, learn how to cook he althy food for yourself and your family, it's time to put on student apron! You have the opportunity to learn how to cook, master the principles of he althy eating and be inspired to make positive changes in your life at the same time.

Unique "Green Deal" for culinary specialists
Unique "Green Deal" for culinary specialists

Course instructors: Ivan Dubkov, chef of KM20 restaurant, brand chef of Kyiv Organic Cafe Dodo. Anastasia Krukerik, chef of the he althy food restaurant "Latuk" Kirill Gubin, chef and co-owner of the Mushroom Cultures Cooperative project, Vegan Wagon food truck, cafe MOH.

Course curator - Evgenia Kazarnovskaya - green lifestyle enthusiast, partner of the Green Goddesses project (www.greenbogin.com), blogger, author of the detox menu, creation coach own creative projects. Evgenia will invite professional chefs - Ivan Dubkov (KM20, Dodo restaurants), Anastasia Krukerik (Latuk restaurant), Yana Pershina (Chefshows school), Evgeny Uchaev (Plant Cake) to the kitchen to talk about he althy eating and learn how to cook culinary hits in "green style".

Within 2 months (from April 5 to June 9) you will be able to learn how to properly handle greens, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, super foods, flour - get the most out of each product and be involved in cooking a wide variety of dishes using quality products, mainly of plant origin, and in conversation with famous Moscow chefs of he althy, vegetarian, vegan and raw food cuisine.

You have the opportunity to learn from chefs and he althy food enthusiasts:

  • how to find a natural alternative to refined and canned foods
  • how to make he althy bread and desserts
  • what are the latest trends in the world of vegetarian cooking

Sign up for the course and find out more information at chefshows.com.

In the Arel issue of Domashniy Ochag you can find the material "Easier than Easy", which we have prepared based on the lessons of the first session of the "Green Course" Culinary School Chefshows by Novikov.

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