100 best beauty secrets that have stood the test of time

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100 best beauty secrets that have stood the test of time
100 best beauty secrets that have stood the test of time

We spend a lot of money on professionals to get flawless makeup, hair or manicure. What if you do it yourself?

Top 100 beauty secrets that have stood the test of time
Top 100 beauty secrets that have stood the test of time

Here are the tried and true tricks that always give good results:

- You can curl with a hairband. Coil as in the picture and leave for a few hours or overnight.

- For a shiny hair, it is enough to comb it well from roots to ends.

- To get the haircut you want, show your hairdresser a photo of what you want. Only verbal explanations always lead to embarrassment.

- Slightly regrown roots can be hidden with a zigzag parting. The play of light will make the difference in color imperceptible.

- Sticking out hairs from the hairstyle can be tidied up with a mascara brush and a drop of hairspray on it.

- Always wear hats to protect your hair from fading and aging.

- Sleep on a silk or satin pillow, the smooth fabric pulls out less hair while you sleep.

- Always start combing your hair with a wide, sparse comb. This will untangle them, not pull them out.

- Dry shampoo or baby powder can be applied to the roots and combed out if you have a greasy scalp. This will give your hair a neat look all day long. - Most of us use bobby pins incorrectly and they don't hold their hair. The smooth side should be facing outward and the wavy side should be facing the head.

- When coloring your hair yourself, do not go further than two tones from your natural color. Then any flaws will be invisible.

- Using sulfate-free shampoos will help keep your hair he althy for longer.

- However, if you regularly use styling gels and hairsprays, shampoos with sulfates at least once a week are necessary for you. Mild shampoos are not able to wash styling products from hair with the same quality.

- Always wet your hair with fresh water from the tap or shower before going for a swim in the sea or pool. This will keep them from absorbing s alt or chlorinated water.

- Do not rub your hair with a terry towel, it damages them. Pat dry with a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel after showering and let dry naturally. Hairdryer without fanaticism is also appropriate.

- Massage your head every time you wash your hair. This strengthens the roots and prevents hair loss.

- Before braiding, apply a little styling mousse and comb through the entire length. The braid will look flawless.

- To add volume to your hair, start blow-drying it up from the roots. - The braid will look neater if you first apply a little styling mousse to your hair. - To give your hair a little extra volume, start drying from the roots with hot air.


- A rare eyebrow does not need to be completed along the entire length. Add color only where there are spaces.

- When drawing eyebrows, draw not with the tip of the pencil, but with the entire plane of the stylus. It's harder to make a mistake and the drawing looks more natural.

- Unruly eyebrow hairs are easy to smooth with an eyelash brush and a drop of hairspray. - If you don't have time for a full make-up, just do your eyebrows. It will revitalize the face more than just the lips or just the eyelashes.


- Use white eyeliner before applying mascara and eye shadow. This will brighten the makeup.

- When applying mascara, always keep your head straight so you don't smudge your eyelids.

- Applying mascara to your lower lashes will make your eyes look smaller.

- Arrows can be drawn evenly using a plastic card as a template.

- Swap out your black mascara for dark brown mascara and see how much softer your look becomes.

- Always apply eye cream with a weak finger - middle, ring or little finger. This way you will not stretch the skin under the eyes.

- In order not to stain the skin on the eyelids or temples with mascara, make yourself a template from thick coated paper or cardboard.

- Dried eye shadow can be revived with a drop of pure alcohol or perfume. Be sure to mix thoroughly.

- Mascara can be warmed up in a glass of warm water, and then there will be no lumps in it. - If you find it difficult to draw an even line of eyeliner in one movement, collect it from several segments.

- To make universal cosmetics for both day and evening, mix dark shades with light ones. For example, brown with cream.

- If your mascara is dry, add a few drops of jojoba oil. - In cold weather, it is better to use waterproof cosmetics, as the eyes can be watery in the wind or from the cold.


- Use a base, not a concealer, to hide your skin imperfections.

- Don't touch your face with your hands unnecessarily. Bacteria on your hands cause inflammation and accelerate skin aging.

- Thoroughly wash your makeup brushes at least once a week. Maybe more often. You can wash them with regular shampoo or dishwashing detergent. Dry the brushes quickly with a paper towel. The he alth of your skin and its youth depends on the cleanliness of your brushes.

- You can make a makeup brush case with bamboo mat, rubber band and string in minutes.

- Always remove excess powder or blush before applying makeup. This will give an even application.

- The concealer is designed to mask imperfections under the eyes. But if you apply it only on dark circles, it will make them even more noticeable. Apply it in a triangular pattern and blend lightly.

- Never pop a pimple. No matter how much you want to do it. This damages the skin tissue, leaving scars and age spots.

- Cheek blush should be applied in the direction of hair growth.

- The color of the skin on the wrist is different from the skin color on the face, so it is better to try the foundation on the neck, not on the arm.

- Even for evening makeup, remember the rule of one accent: either eyes or lips. But never wear bright makeup here and there.

- Swollen eyes are good to wipe with ice cubes in the morning.

- Moisturize your skin throughout the day, especially in summer. Carry a moisturizer or spray with you.

- The best eye cream for bags under the eyes is the one you keep in the fridge.

- When your skin is just starting to get inflamed, cauterize it with an ice cube.

- If you have a habit of overdoing perfume, make it a rule to spritz it on a cotton swab and then rub it on your neck and stop.

- He althy smooth skin starts with proper nutrition. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, and cut down on starchy foods and sweets.

- Epilation is best done on steamed, moisturized skin, after a shower or sauna.

- Don't epilate immediately after showering, give your hair and skin a couple of minutes to soften.

- The most affordable body scrub is drunk coffee. You can also use the cheapest natural ground coffee varieties, this will give more flavor and pleasure during the procedure.

- Body lotion is best applied immediately after a shower while the skin is still retaining moisture.

- What's good for the face is good for the hands (but not vice versa!) Face cream can lighten areas of the skin on the hands.

- Body scrub should be used no more than once a week, otherwise the skin will become discolored.


- To keep lipstick bright for a long time, apply powder over lipstick through a tissue.

- To keep your lips smooth, massage them every night with a damp cloth soaked in warm water. This will remove dead cells.

- Change from daytime to evening makeup in one swipe: apply a darker shade of lipstick over your daytime one.

- If you tend to blush, you should choose a darker lipstick. Against her background, your sudden blush will be lost.

- Massage your lips from time to time, this will circulate the blood and give the lips color and fullness.

- Apply a base coat of light lipstick in the center of the lips, and then paint over the main tone, this will add extra volume.

- Before sharpening your lip liner, keep it in the fridge for a while.

- Smile while applying lipstick so you don't miss a single section.

- To prevent lipstick from smearing, apply a little concealer around the lips.

- Moisturize your lips with balm every day so they don't dry out.


- Start painting your nails from pinky to thumb so you never touch fresh polish.

- To quickly remove nail polish, place a swab of nail polish remover on each nail for 5-10 seconds and then wipe it off.

- Stickers for French manicure should be glued on the fingers with a margin around the edges. Then, when removing them, you can simply pick up the sticker by the tip, and not chip it off with fresh varnish.

- To make your nail polish dry faster, dip your hand in a bowl of cold water immediately after applying the polish.

- You can customize your nail color by mixing eyeshadow with a similar shade of nail polish.

- To quickly remove glitter polish, wrap your nails with cotton pads soaked in nail polish remover, secure with foil, and leave for a few minutes.

- Before applying polish, brush cuticles with olive oil and pat dry. Nail polish won't stick to oily skin.

- File your nails at least once a week. Always move the nail file in only one direction, not back and forth, this will prevent them from cracking and burrs.

- If you don't have time for a new manicure, freshen up the old one with clear polish.


- To give your feet a rest after a day's work, soak them in a bath of hot water for three minutes. Then in cold water for one minute. Repeat this alternation 3 more times.

- Old face cream can be used to soften the skin on the heels. Apply it at night.

- Pineapple pulp or kiwi peel will quickly soften rough skin on the soles of the feet. Apply a fruit mask for 5 minutes, rinse with water and finish with a respectful cream.

- Wash your feet daily to avoid fungal infections. Be sure to thoroughly dry your feet and change your socks after exercising.

- Foot massage is good for stress and fatigue. Massage each leg with both hands from toe to calf.


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