"Yes, I got into my husband's phone. And not in vain!”

"Yes, I got into my husband's phone. And not in vain!”
"Yes, I got into my husband's phone. And not in vain!”

Let's be honest: we've all wondered at least once what's on my husband's phone. Who is he texting? Does he have a secret account on a dating site? What toys do you spend your free time on? The only way to know for sure is to check your husband's phone. And so she did.

“Yes, I got into my husband’s phone. And not in vain!”
“Yes, I got into my husband’s phone. And not in vain!”

Writer Kristin Stoppard wrote a candid article about what she discovered when she examined her husband's phone.

"First of all, I quickly looked through the photo folder, thinking that this was the most likely place to find something treacherous. Instead, I discovered my own photo: he took it when I was fast asleep. When I later asked my husband why he didn’t take a beautiful picture of me sleeping, he replied that it was beautiful!

The phone also contained several photos from their joint trip with their father to the Museum of Mathematics (my husband is a complete nerd). Doesn't sound very fun. But during the tour, his father took a ride on a tricycle with square tires - and there is nothing more fun than when a grown man plays with toys of a preschooler. I wasn't with them, but thanks to my spy, I have photographic evidence of this lovely trip.

What else was in the photo folder? A huge number of prehistoric creatures. Do you know how all young children go through the dinosaur phase? For my husband, this phase never ended. So it didn't shock me at all that he kept pictures of dinosaur bones. At the sight of a prehistoric skeleton, he will sniff it like a shark - blood in the water.

After the photos, I checked what apps he uses. Found some cool ones, like the recipe app he uses all the time. My husband loves sweets so much that he is ready to bake desserts just for himself. Of course, he treats them to friends and family, but this is just an excuse for him to put sweets on his own plate. The app helped him with recipes for one person. But now I've revealed the secret behind his lemon cupcakes!

Then I read his notes. Among the numerous to-do lists was an entry titled "Gaga". As it turned out, he wanted to go to the house where his grandmother spent her childhood, take a picture and show her how he looks now. And “Gaga” is “grandma” (“grandma”) in the language of modern teenagers. Apparently, this was the same "other woman" (slightly over 80) that I was looking for …

My husband is not a big texting guy and has had the same phone for years. So I wasn't surprised to find a message from four years ago about buying a piece of jewelry for a beautiful girl. However, it hurt me - because it reminded me of something that I am still ashamed to admit.

I used to be very jealous of this girl, and all the rest of his friends, because I considered them competitors. Fortunately, over the years I was able to understand that my husband was old enough to have girl friends. I trust him and he trusts me.

But then I discovered an even more shocking message. No, it was not associated with a woman, but with Pokemon. You see, my husband is a real gamer and they don't play Pokemon Go. In the Pokémon games that came out during our childhood, yes, but he doesn't like new versions. It's like a sports fan who doesn't consider tennis a sport suddenly starts texting about the U. S. open. Now I'm not surprised if I see how he enthusiastically rewrites about something of the same "criminal". No matter how smart or mature they are, boys are boys.

And finally it came to games. I found only one game - attention! - about fonts! My husband is a talented graphic designer. Okay, maybe I'm biased. But in any case, he needs to be well versed in fonts. That's why he plays it when he's bored. I had no idea that such games even existed, but now I at least understand why he would suddenly interrupt the conversation and stare at some sign as if we saw a unicorn. Is it a mythical animal? No, honey, it's just Helvetica.

Learning through all the dark secrets that my husband's phone held inside turned out to be much less painful than I could have imagined. (I admit, I did ask permission before picking up the phone.) He didn't have any dark secrets. In fact, all I have found is just more reasons to love him.

Most likely, the need to get into the phones of our husbands is connected with some one question that torments us. And instead of becoming obsessed with this idea, it is better to discuss the problematic issue together and find a solution, as adults should do. The moment we start checking his phone without asking, trust in the relationship is destroyed. But it is precisely this that makes us be more honest with each other and, in the end, happier.”

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