Beautiful bride 86 years old

Beautiful bride 86 years old
Beautiful bride 86 years old

Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day. But this woman impressed not only guests with her impeccable image, but also thousands of people around the world who saw these photos.

The most beautiful. The 86-year-old bride knew how to impress
The most beautiful. The 86-year-old bride knew how to impress

She has always been famous for her sense of style.

"It doesn't matter where she goes - to church, to visit family or shopping. She never leaves the house without her hair, makeup and heels,” her granddaughter says of her.

Still, it's not easy to find the perfect bridal look when you get married at 86. Millie Taylor-Morrison succeeded. When she married Harold Morrison, her appearance was impeccable. That's how they met - evaluating each other "by clothes".

"He was impeccably dressed, which always fascinates me," Millie later said.

They first met back in the 1950s while attending church. Harold was even among the guests at Millie's wedding in 1952. After 40 years, her first husband died, and they again noticed each other in the church.

When Harold fell ill, she accompanied him to the Sunday service every week. So they communicated for eight years, and when Harold became worse again, Millie herself invited him to live together - so as not to go to a nursing home. Then Harold recovered, and then Millie decided that they should get married.

“I am a Christian and I want to live a Christian life. And even though we are no longer young, we want to be righteous in the eyes of God,” the woman explains.

Their families were overjoyed. "This is another proof that age does not matter, everyone can find their love again," said Milli's granddaughter Khadija.

The woman approached her wedding image seriously. Millie designed this fabulous dress with a shimmery cape and dramatic back cutout with the help of designer Marco Hall.

"I imagined how my dress should look. So I asked the artist to make a sketch and took it to the tailor.”

“Creating this look was a joy and a pleasure for me,” Hall wrote on his Instagram. "She immediately said that she was going to marry for the last time, so the dress should be her final spectacular exit."

Effective exits and posing in front of the camera for Millie is not new. She did some modeling work in the late 1940s. And looking at Millie, it seems that it is not difficult for her to look beautiful all her life. But she has her secrets.

"I've always used moisturizers and African shea butter. I never drank alcohol, I didn’t smoke, I tried to eat right and play sports,” Millie shares.

Her granddaughters were lucky - judging by this photo, they inherited from their grandmother not only genes, but also an innate sense of style.

Photos from the wedding of Millie and Harold were shared on Facebook by more than 4,5 thousand people. But the life of the newlyweds did not change much from this.

"We always pray together in the morning and he used to say, 'I love my Millie.' Now he looks at me and says "You are my wife"

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