10 signs of an emotional betrayal of a partner

10 signs of an emotional betrayal of a partner
10 signs of an emotional betrayal of a partner

Sometimes everything seems fine in a relationship, but you can't stop thinking about That Man. He can be a friend of your friends, a casual online acquaintance, or an ex with whom you stayed on good terms. And no, no, yes, you will catch yourself on a treacherous thought: “What if …” How to recognize that you are no longer just friends?

Don't think about it! 10 Signs You're Emotionally Cheating
Don't think about it! 10 Signs You're Emotionally Cheating

1. You hide your SMS correspondence from your partner

When That Guy texts you, you do your best to hide the fact by hiding your phone and turning away. Keeping personal boundaries is good, but spy tricks should alert you first of all.

2. Chatting with That Man, you lose track of time

Hours fly like minutes while you are chatting on messenger, and during homemade breakfast you did not utter a word, staring at the screen? Watch out before this screen becomes a beacon for your man!

3. You take a different route just to see it on the road

It is known that when we start a new relationship, there is less time for friends. Now you're taking time out of your relationship for… for what?

4. You never invite the current one to meet That Man

Free space in a relationship is very useful, but think about why you decided to meet your friend face-to-face again? If you don’t go anywhere as a couple, this is one thing, but if you don’t like seeing a third person at this meeting, it’s completely different.

5. You compare your man to That Guy, sometimes without even realizing it

Your partner was silent all evening again and wore jeans that you hate, and That Man was the life of the party and dresses in the latest fashion? You are playing with fire!

6. You tell Tom Man what you don't tell this man

Perhaps this story from your childhood will say more about you than ten episodes from the present - and why don't you consider it possible to tell it to your man?

7. Sometimes you think about what could have happened between you if both of you were free

Maybe by accident, or maybe on purpose, but you admit the thought: if you didn't have a boyfriend, and he didn't have a girlfriend, how far could you go? The edge of reality is thinner than you think.

8. You carefully preen before meeting him

Looking great when leaving the house is not forbidden to anyone. But if you choose lipstick for half an hour before meeting a friend and never do it for your current man - ask yourself why.

9. You are sitting too close to each other

At the next party, you feel his leg next to yours - and keep silent about it for the next 15 minutes. You evaluate the number and duration of hugs, how many seconds you looked into each other's eyes - and you just can't decide if this is something to be ashamed of.

10. Reading this article, you see before the eyes of a specific person

If this is true, you have two options: focus on your current relationship, or end it and try to find happiness in others. The only thing you shouldn't do is juggle both without them knowing. Be honest with everyone, and above all, with yourself.

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