What women hide

What women hide
What women hide

Good relationships involve honesty. But do you really want to confess to him in general everything that you feel or remember? You are unlikely to tell him…

He will never know! 11 scary secrets from men
He will never know! 11 scary secrets from men

1. …about the pictures that were in the computer

"I have a secret folder with photos of all my exes, including erotic ones. Sometimes, when he is not at home, I look through them, remembering the pleasant moments of my past relationships.” - Katya, 37

2. …of sexual fantasies

“All the two and a half years that we have been dating, I dream of BDSM with him, and we always have only regular sex. I like it too, but I really want to try something new! I think I will open up to him soon,” Liza, 45.

3. …about not being able to drive a car

"I have no idea how to drive a car!" - Elena, 20 years old.

4. …about smoking weed

"I hid it from the guy who was judging me and continued to smoke. Of course, he suspected, but I could not tell - he would again begin to condemn me. Maybe that's why we broke up.” - Laura, 27

5. …that you didn’t buy the promised gift

“I promised him I would buy a cake for the holiday, and then his father called me and said that he would also buy a cake. I replied: "Great, everyone will buy a cake and he will have two," and he admitted that he had already bought both and asked me to hand them over. The guy praised me for choosing the cake that I called my own, and I replied that yes, of course, because I bought it!” - Kira, 33.

6. …that you hate his musical tastes

"I can't stand it when he listens to his stupid music!" - Sonya, 40.

7. …about being on the opposing team

"I'm secretly playing Pokemon Go for the other team!" - Nastya, 21.

8. …about the origin of his favorite plaid

“It was given to me by my ex, and I would be happy if he came back to me! My boyfriend thinks my aunt gave me the blanket,” Alexandra, 23.

9. …about your betrayals

"We've been dating for two years, during which time I slept with a guy that the current 'shouldn't have to worry about' four times" - Ella, 28.

10. …that you watch shows alone

“I often watch new episodes of the shows we usually watch together. And when we turn it on again together, I pretend to see them for the first time,” Emilia, 35.

11. …about your refusal to have sex

"Sometimes when I'm not in the mood for sex, I say I have cramps. Although the critical days are long gone,” Katya, 27.

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