Recognize the quack: 9 reasons to run away from the plastic surgeon

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Recognize the quack: 9 reasons to run away from the plastic surgeon
Recognize the quack: 9 reasons to run away from the plastic surgeon

Let's not scare the consequences, you can guess for yourself: depression, uncomfortable questions from others, time and money to correct a face whose reflection is frightening - and this is not the most pessimistic option.

Spot the Quack: 9 Reasons to Run Away from the Plastic Surgeon
Spot the Quack: 9 Reasons to Run Away from the Plastic Surgeon

We often run the risk of being swayed by the sincere smile of a salesperson praising a poor-quality product. But it's one thing to buy cucumbers "from the garden" and another to succumb to the charm of a charlatan plastic surgeon.

It's impossible to predict everything. But we presented typical situations. In what cases should the "plastic surgeon" move straight to the exit, we were told by

Max-Adam Scherer plastic surgeon, specialist in minimally invasive rejuvenation surgery, dermatologist

Situation 1: Holding out a photo - of yourself as a child, great-grandmother in his youth, favorite actress: "Doctor, will you make me like this?" If the answer is yes, run

This is the answer of someone who aims to cash in on the natural desire to become younger and more beautiful. Someone who is devoid of interest, willingness and desire to understand what the patient needs. There are many such questions and answers.

- Can you? - Yes!

- And if so? - Yes please.

- When? - Even now.

- And for this you need … - No need.

When a photo is handed to me, I say honestly: “You are a different person, and there is no need to strive to be like someone else. Is a copy of anyone interested? We will "analyze" the facial features in the photographs that we like, discuss what can be added or changed in your image in order to acquire the desired harmony, and how technically, with the help of surgery or injections, to achieve the desired.”

However, photographs are necessary and important in their own way, they help to understand how the patient perceives herself and what exactly she wants. If a girl asks to get her lips done like Angelina Jolie, expecting men to fall in piles at the mere sight of her, this is technically easy to achieve. "Why not?!" exclaims the charlatan doctor. I want to make sure that the number of men who fell at her feet will make her really unique and satisfied, and not turn her into an object of ridicule of others.

Situation 2: You ask the doctor to perform an operation or injection procedure on you at his own discretion, that is, what he himself considers necessary. And he easily agrees and offers to get down to business. Before you is a pseudo-doctor who does not worry about your true motives and desires in a change for the better

The task of a plastic surgeon is not so difficult: to guess what the patient wants and turn her dream into an aesthetic reality. Theoretically, it is possible to do exactly what the doctor himself considers necessary, but from a practical point of view, he will not have to live with this face. And from an ethical point of view, the doctor has no right to do so.

Situation 3: You send your photo via e-mail, Skype, social media messenger, etc. and ask the doctor to consult you. If in response you receive a price list and a program of what needs to be done, feel free to send this letter to the basket and look for another clinic

Of course, one can assume something from the photo, but it is impossible to understand and decide what and how to operate and what the result will be. The human face is three-dimensional, with its own individual aesthetics, unique genetics and a thousand individual beauty "codes" to be revealed.

Situation 4: Asking a worrying question during a consultation: “How safe is the procedure?” And you receive in return assurances of absolute security. This is a serious reason to be wary

The truth is that absolutely safe procedures and operations do not exist. And I don't think they ever will. The specialist is obliged to inform about possible complications and negative reactions, even if the risk is minimal. A detailed plan for the upcoming intervention and the recovery period are discussed, and you give written consent to this. In addition, both the doctor and the patient must sign a special contract for the provision of medical services.

If a doctor starts manipulation without a contract, it means that he is a charlatan. And if you don’t like the result, something doesn’t go according to plan, or you need help in rehabilitation? He will simply refuse to accept you and say that he sees you for the first time.

You are required to conclude an agreement, maintain, store your medical history, which the clinic is obliged to provide upon request. Each patient should be informed of everything about medications, manipulations, and also given recommendations. I always advise patients to follow the recommendations.

Situation 5: You have chosen several doctors based on reviews on the Internet and, logically, you go for a consultation with one of them. At the moment when you mention the name of another surgeon, your interlocutor changes his face and begins to convince his fellow competitor of the unprofessionalism!.. Most likely, this is not a doctor

Medical ethics is studied in the first year of medical school. I can be in any kind of relationship with colleagues, I can even allow a discussion of their competence in a circle of colleagues … But it is unacceptable to criticize the actions of a doctor in the presence of a patient!

Only you choose which surgeon to trust and in which clinic to be treated. The choice of the patient is the exclusive right of the patient!

Situation 6: You ask for a license to practice medicine, and you are told that it is not needed, while proudly showing an "iconostasis" of certificates. Don't believe me

Without a medical license, there is and cannot be any official medical activity. No wall certificate can replace it. The diploma of a doctor about graduating from a medical university and his specialization are also important. If you are not a dermatovenereologist, plastic or maxillofacial surgeon, then he does not have the knowledge and skills and does not have the right to work in aesthetic medicine.

Situation 7: You ask: "What do you need to prepare for the manipulation, what tests to pass?" The reason to forget the phone number of the clinic forever should be the answer that nothing is needed and they are ready to do everything right now

Manipulations performed in the treatment room require the same standard medical examination, according to the recommendations of the Ministry of He alth, as for preparation for surgery. If, for example, I am going to put in cosmetic threads, I need the patient to do a fluorography, an EKG, blood tests, etc. Some may find this superfluous. However, the recommendations cannot be ignored. In a rush to make money, fearing to lose a patient due to the need to take tests, one can harm a person's he alth! This is medical malpractice.

Situation 8: They don't ask you about past illnesses, they don't say anything about anesthesia. Watch out before it's too late

Before any manipulation, the doctor or assistant collects a complete history: information about the state of he alth, chronic diseases, past infections, operations and the presence of allergies. Anesthesia options are always discussed. The doctor should not ignore the opinion of the patient and cannot follow his lead. For example, it is irrational to do mesotherapy under general anesthesia, even if the patient requires it. Conversely, even if a patient says she wants to have a facelift under local anesthesia, it is not possible without he alth risks.

Situation 9: You ask for a discount, or maybe you don't even ask, but they immediately offer it to you. And this discount is significantly different from the average cost of a service or drug in the aesthetic services market. Beware of discounts that bring gifts

When you get a manicure, you don't pay the cost of 10 strokes from a bottle of polish. Remember this. If they offer a knock-down price, then they solve the problem of "selling", offering a low-quality service or a fake drug. By the way, do not forget to ask for a certificate of conformity for the drug you are about to inject. Perhaps he is "left", and an institution without documents is virtual. Tomorrow you will not find a doctor or a clinic at this place! I know such charlatan pseudo-clinics that exist only in the Internet space. Advertising ensures the flow of customers, they lead them in complete secrecy - they meet only by prior call, there is not even a sign. So the charlatans work without a license. There are no guarantees here, and if something happens, you will find yourself alone with your problem and prove nothing!

Thanks to the High Aesthetic Medicine Clinic for help in preparing the material.

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