Subtle hint: how to find out for what purpose he is flirting with you

Subtle hint: how to find out for what purpose he is flirting with you
Subtle hint: how to find out for what purpose he is flirting with you

We thought men didn't do anything for nothing. They even flirt with a clear intent. But Alexander Tsypkin dissuaded us.

A subtle hint: how to find out for what purpose he is flirting with you
A subtle hint: how to find out for what purpose he is flirting with you

If a man flirts with you, it means he likes you. Strong or not - the question, but you like it for sure. Most often, he would not refuse sex, but in 90% of cases he does not see the point in bringing it to this: both or one of you are married, it is forbidden at work, the vacation ends. It turns out something like a photo hunt: the game is alive and the instinct is satisfied.

Risk business

Flirting, as the first step on the way to the registry office, men use not so often. For many, it is just an atmosphere of life, a natural habitat. Well, we can not do otherwise! And because of this, we get into trouble. One of my married friends so wanted to get a contract that he flirted before dinner at the hotel where his counterparty settled for the duration of the business trip. At the meeting, he also behaved unambiguously. In the end, he was given to understand that the room was cold and lonely, and he was not ready to go that far. After all, a girl can say that her head hurts, “not that day”, and in general she didn’t get used to it right away. The man will not be offended. And the reverse situation is inevitably perceived as an insult. If you don’t want to go to your room, why would you give compliments then? The comrade had to portray renal colic. The young lady called an ambulance and went with him to the hospital, where his legal wife rushed to the same place. And then such a theater of the absurd began that our enterprising businessman was almost left not only without a contract, but also without a wife.

For fun

There are other options - "for the love of art." For example, this is network flirting or flirting out of boredom - with stewardesses, waitresses, bank employees. Some citizens just really want to be remembered, and if the story leads to sex, it will be a nice bonus, but no more. Another variety is for a pickup truck. Unlike the previous look, here all the pleasure is reciprocated, so the pros cause an additional portion of the oily sheen in the eyes.

The most common flirting is work. If we are not talking about drunken sex at a corporate party or the beginning of an office romance, then men resort to it to maintain a favorable atmosphere in the team. Well, how could it be without our “Wow, how jeans sit on you!” can the girl work? We have to create the mood. At least we think so.

National peculiarities

In general, what a woman considers flirting, a man does automatically, so most Russian men will not even understand what they are accused of. I imagine a situation in a club somewhere beyond the Urals: a powerful citizen invites a girl to go to his house in order to get acquainted with the new sofa upholstery, and she tells him: “Young man, are you flirting?” He decides that this is some kind of perversion, and runs away in a panic. Or they could get married and live together until old age! In addition, in our country the borders of this phenomenon are much closer to a woman than in the West.

I'll tell you a telling story from the past. I worked in a representative office of a Swedish company and brought an important woman, Katharina, into the light. She, like all Swedes, was seriously weighed down by feminism, and we didn’t even give her a coat - we were afraid to go to jail for sexism. Katharina was pretty and, I would even say, in some places portly. We came to the bar, but to my misfortune the "team" with my friend looked in there. Soon I had to sit down with him at another table - to talk about a new exhibition in the Hermitage. About ten minutes later Katarina came up to us (already to her misfortune). She asked something, got an answer and left. The brother's eyes turned into two bowls. He asked: - Is she with you? I foolishly answered: - Yes. - Did you come? - Where?! - Where-where, in it! I choked. - Of course not! - And I'll knock…

Before I realized the terrible consequences, my comrade approached the Scandinavian woman and, without further ado, put his large palm on her convex forms. Judging by the twisted face, the Swede took courtship as a local Poltava. My comrade retreated, and the lady galloped up to me and demanded in a screeching whisper: - Call the police! By that time, I had pretty drunk and was tired, so I collected all my Swedish in my head and risked my career: - In ten years, no one will do this, enjoy. I was ready for any answer and even for dismissal, but my phrase changed the “firmware” for the lady. She blushed her face, smiled and replied: - In Sweden, no one has the guts to take the ass like that, because the fucking feminists castrated our men! What is the friend's name?

What happened next - it doesn't matter, I can only say that they won feminism. And the moral is this: if a man decides to "knock", he does not necessarily expect to continue. If you want - expose a flamethrower, but if you want - enjoy the process. It's just a game.

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