How to make a man think about you all the time

How to make a man think about you all the time
How to make a man think about you all the time

Do you want to become a real obsession for your man, so that he always returns his thoughts only to you? We found out from sexologists and psychologists what really makes a man think about only one woman and how to become the only one who thinks of a loved one?

How to make a man think about you all the time
How to make a man think about you all the time

What did Masha do? She called him, telling him how wonderfully she was having a time or how sad she was without him. And although he was not at all sad (he worked hard), he had to entertain her with jokes and jokes. After a month of such a “mental assault”, this courageous man gave up: he was tired of having too much of this Masha in his life.

The abandoned girl suffered with drama: "I just wanted him to always think of me!" But in fact, Masha came to an absolutely opposite effect. Even at the beginning, when they were in the “can’t get enough of you” phase, an invisible (and insurmountable) wall grew between them: her constant calls, texts, notes, photos and demands to urgently spend this hour, the next and all life together. She didn't make him think about her, but she made him hate her presence.

But how to make a man think about you and miss you? To answer this question, we plucked up the courage and signed up for the training "How to bind a man to yourself" at the Secrets Sexual Education Center. We had to find out how the mind of a man works and what makes him act this way and not otherwise? Where in the man's head are the very levers, pressing on which, we can control his mind?

How to make a man think about you: psychology

Valeria Aginskaya sexologist, program director of the Secrets Sex Education Center

“Stimuli can be of several types: kinesthetic, auditory, visual and olfactory. Such stimuli are usually called "anchors", because they seem to tie a certain reaction to this stimulus.

If you want to remind yourself, use SMS

The male mind is designed in such a way that it is impossible for him to think about everything at the same time. A woman always lives in chaos, so a thousand and one thoughts per minute is an absolute norm for us. Therefore, when a man is very busy at work or chooses a new sewage system for you, do not tear him off. Otherwise, at this moment, his mind will do a triple somersault and in a frenzy will look for an exit: ERROR ERROR!

Write an SMS that is equivalent to a friendly poking on the shoulder. This is enough to get his attention and makes him respond in kind. Messages are the fuses of communication meant to arouse his interest, not intermediaries for endless idle chatter and not a substitute for real conversation.

Power of the word

How to make a man miss you and think about you more often? Come up with an “intimate” word that will become a reflex for your man to think about you. And implement: after stunning sex, tell him: “Darling, it was so-a-a-k GREAT!” And then use this word only at the moment when you want to create a cute playful mood. For example, send him a text during work hours: “It seems like a great day today, right?” He won't even guess why he's in such a good mood? There seems to be no hint of sex, but thoughts are already flying towards you like cranes.

And there is also a great "Love me" technique. Its essence lies in the fact that a woman must track the moment of a man’s orgasm and directly at this moment tell him several times in a languid voice “Love me.”

Since a man is very open emotionally at the moment of orgasm, everything you say at this moment will be perceived by his subconscious as a direct indication. However, do not abuse it and at the moment of his orgasm shout “buy a fur coat” - although his subconscious is open, no one turned off his consciousness, and this will only cause bewilderment.

The whole point of this trick is that unconsciously a man will feel a surge of strength, because you often say your code word at the very moment when he feels in seventh heaven with happiness.


For the "reflex" to work, you need to repeat the trick with the magic word for at least seven times. Come up with a word that you rarely use in dialogue!

Fragrant Paradise

Catching a man with a "bait" with the help of fragrances is a trifling matter! So that you can appreciate the full scale of the power of the smell, let's give you an example: during the new year, shops often install aromatic installations with the smell of citrus: it is tangerines that we associate with the new year, remind us of gifts and motivate us to buy more, even more! Or the smell of the sea: it instantly takes us somewhere to the azure shores.

Try to scent your own bedroom, or choose a scent that will only be associated with you!

Just be careful with the choice of smell: if the scent is too strong, you and your man may have a headache. After some time, just smelling this smell, the man will smile with bliss, thinking and dreaming about you. And if a family crisis ever overtakes you, you can gently perfume yourself with this fragrance: his mood will become softer, and your relationship will be stronger!


To make the aromatic reflex positive for your man, try not to conflict in the bedroom, otherwise he will later feel conflicting feelings - a pleasant smell, but “the sediment remains.”


Valeria Aginskaya sexologist, program director of the Secrets Sex Education Center

“When your man experiences some kind of strongly positive emotion (laughter, joy or orgasm), touch his arm or neck for a few seconds. It is necessary to repeat this several times, always touching in the same place - on average, it will take from 10 to 30 repetitions to develop an anchor. Now you can cause a good mood in a man, even if before that he was very angry. And most importantly, he will never guess why his mood changed so quickly and why he feels so good with you!”

The Indians used to say: “The more body contact, the more body boredom.”

Caressing, stroking, kissing and, of course, sex - you can easily “anchor” your loved one by introducing a few movements into your intimate life. For example, immediately after an orgasm, stroke him on the pope or lower back. After a few times, such a trick will become a necessary part in your love session! A man will unconsciously wait for your caress, which means “everything is fine, you can sleep.”


Stroke the man in places that other people don't touch. For example, the back or palm will not work, because he often greets other men through a handshake. And to his priests, we hope no one has access except you.

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