Which parts of the body respond best to affection: our erogenous zones

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Which parts of the body respond best to affection: our erogenous zones
Which parts of the body respond best to affection: our erogenous zones

It's great to know what works best in bed for you and your partner, but sometimes it's hard to figure it out. “If you constantly touch each other just like that, your bodies become less sensitive, you become less aroused,” says sexologist Lori Buckley from California. And what to do? Explore new areas and try new moves!

Prelude to pleasure: 5 parts of the body that also love affection
Prelude to pleasure: 5 parts of the body that also love affection

Sensitive area around lips

The muscles of the cheeks, located on the sides of the mouth, are an excellent field for stimulation during a kiss. This area is very responsive to touch, but it is often forgotten, focusing on the lips themselves. Run the pad of your finger around your mouth (as if you were putting on a lip liner) and you will feel a slight, almost inaudible arousal.

During the kiss, do not lick the area around his mouth, it will look strange. Kiss him as usual, and then run the tip of your tongue along the border of his upper lip. Step back - and playfully kiss him again, then drawing along the border of the lower lip. He can do the same.

Suddenly: nipples

Playing with these sections is extremely important in a good foreplay, even if you think it's too much. Men treat their nipples even colder, not even suspecting what potential is hidden in this erogenous zone. To show him all this, run your tongue over his nipples, squeeze them lightly, touch them - in general, do everything to make them harden. Maybe not right away, but you will both love this game.

Lower neck

The entire area between the chin and shoulders is an erogenous zone, but there is also a kind of “peak” on it, where the neck goes into the chest. The skin here is a little thinner, there are many nerve endings, so the sensations are very strong. In short, touching each other in this area is very nice!

So, you kiss him on the neck from top to bottom, run the pads of your thumb and middle fingers from the shoulder to the indentation on the neck - with light circular movements. Then kiss this area, warming it with your breath. The combination of warmth and touch relaxes the body and excites. And if he touches this place on your body, the whole neck and chest will become more sensitive, and you will have more pleasure.


The area between the lower ribs and thighs is full of nerve endings and, when stimulated, transmits exciting impulses to your clitoris and his penis, respectively. This is due to the activation of the pelvic muscles. Here you can press harder than in other areas. Start on one side, just below the ribcage, work your way down, then move on to the next section. You can touch with your fingers, you can - with your lips, as you both like.


This is one of the most sensitive areas of the body because the ilioinguinal nerve runs through it. It is better to leave it for dessert, moving from top to bottom through the body. Start lightly kneading this area with a finger moistened with saliva (this increases stimulation), then repeat the trajectory with your tongue, moving from bottom to top. Watch his reaction, there are pain points here.

From touching this area, breathing quickens, and the pelvic muscles begin to contract - so everything is right. Enjoy both of you!

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