Maria Shukshina returns to television

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Maria Shukshina returns to television
Maria Shukshina returns to television

50-year-old actress announced her appearance in the new program.

Maria Shukshina returns to television
Maria Shukshina returns to television

Maria Shukshina has not appeared on television as a presenter for almost three years. In December 2014, she left the Channel One program Wait for Me.

Ksenia Alferova replaced Shukshina, who had been the permanent host of the show for 15 years.

Despite the fact that the actress actively acted in films, her fans did not leave hope for Shukshina's appearance in one of the television programs.

Recently, Maria delighted subscribers with intriguing news. The 50-year-old TV presenter made it clear that she would soon appear on one of the TV channels. In her blog, Shukshina spoke about a strange coincidence:

“One of our subscribers here elenabeskhlebnova had a dream, about which she immediately wrote to me that it was as if she were watching some kind of program on TV, and in it I was sitting at a table surrounded by friends, and we we give gifts to each other … And our other subscriber olga. owch wrote on the same day: “It’s a pity that you don’t have a TV program, the rating would be huge, more than many programs” … And there were a lot of similar conversations about programs, and regrets that I didn’t conduct … that day … And in On the same day, a decision was made to create a new program!” (the author's spelling and punctuation are retained hereinafter).

Maria was sincerely surprised by this coincidence, but did not reveal to the fans the name of the project and the channel that invited her to work: “What is it? What is an invisible connection? Can someone please explain to me? I'm in shock!.. P. S And don't even try, I can't say anything more than I managed to tell yet!!!".

The fans of the actress were delighted with the news about the upcoming participation of Shukshina in a new TV project, and some even began to wonder where the star would appear:

“I hold Mashulya for you, fists and all that, I really want to transfer with you, something warm, dear!”, “It's just great that you will have your own transfer!”, “You will decorate any transfer and positive and make you empathize sincerely”, “Masha, it seems to me that you came up to broadcast with Galkin Tonight, pushing Menshov, so I see right next to him”, “Why not make a program about your favorite actors! About those who are not with us! Yes, and about those who are alive! I remember such shows. It would be interesting to talk about the actress Sazonova with a difficult fate. About your mother Fedoseyeva-Shukshina.”

Many subscribers sincerely wished Mary success in her new endeavor and did not stint on compliments: “You are a gorgeous beauty!”, “You are very good, bright”, “Mashaaa, you are so beautiful and warm!”, “Unsurpassed beauty ! Your charm and beauty impress even women. The actress willingly answered fans' questions in the comments and confessed her love to them in return.

Recall that this year Maria Shukshina starred in the eight-episode film McMafia on the famous BBC One channel. It was there that the iconic "Sherlock" with Benedict Cumberbatch saw the light of day.

According to the actress, she was greatly helped by the profession of a translator received at the Institute of Foreign Languages: approximately 80% of the text of her role was in English.

The series will be released in early 2018, but the first year will be shown only on cable channels - British BBC one and American AMC. The film will then be released to the public.

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