Irina Bezrukova spoke about her personal life

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Irina Bezrukova spoke about her personal life
Irina Bezrukova spoke about her personal life

The actress revealed the secret of her relationship with artists Pavel Vaan.

Irina Bezrukova spoke about her personal life
Irina Bezrukova spoke about her personal life

Last weekend Irina Bezrukova became a member of the Perfect Repair project on Channel One.

A team of program specialists led by TV presenter Natasha Barbier designed the actress a cozy bedroom with a glazed loggia.

During the broadcast, the 52-year-old star opened up about her private life to viewers.

A few days before the release of the Perfect Repair program, Irina surprised her subscribers with a selection of photos with stylist, art photographer and traveler Pavel Vaan.

The actress looked so fresh and young in the pictures that some fans confused her with Paulina Andreeva, as described in the comments to the photo gallery. Irina ironically replied: “This is a compliment, Paulina is very young” (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved hereinafter). Many readers were intrigued by the relationship between the actress and the photographer and asked to reveal this secret.

During the release of the program, Irina said that she had known Pavel for 17 years - all the years they had a warm friendship.

The actress added that she has long become a muse and source of inspiration for the photographer:

“During this time we have never had time to offend or disappoint each other - this is a great art. Pavel says that I am his muse, that I inspire him. It's very nice.”

Pavel Vaan, who took part in the program, confirmed that it was Irina who gave him creative powers: “During our meetings, I am imbued with the warmth that Ira gives, and then I share it with others for a long time. I am grateful to Ira for this.”

To the question of a fan: “Irina. I understand from the program that YOU and Pavel are now a couple? You can congratulate! Happiness and love to you!” the actress answered vaguely: “Pavel and I are friends. It's been 17 years now.”

Irina added that communication with the artist brings her joy: “I always see Pavel with great pleasure, he is a real gentleman and gentleman. I am happy that in my life there is such a person as Pasha. But I never plan anything and do not rule out that the Universe will send me my person, and I don’t need strangers.”

The actress noted that Pavel is not the only man in her social circle. With other acquaintances, she occasionally walks around Moscow or attends theater premieres.

Fans liked the correct and educated friend of Irina. Some readers noted that friendship is not a hindrance to the development of romantic relationships:

“God grant you a man who will match you, with whom you will feel like a queen. The only one in the universe. And you have a very good friend. Sometimes, by the way, love grows out of friendship, even if for many years.”

Many subscribers were impressed by the portrait of Irina performed by Pavel Vaan: “You should play the main character in some historical film … That's why directors don't think about it, because it's obvious. With such looks, charisma and aristocracy.”

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