"Very similar": Sergey Lazarev and his niece met on the same stage

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"Very similar": Sergey Lazarev and his niece met on the same stage
"Very similar": Sergey Lazarev and his niece met on the same stage

Alina Lazareva performed with the Fidget ensemble, in which her uncle once began his career.

“Very similar”: Sergey Lazarev and his niece met on the same stage
“Very similar”: Sergey Lazarev and his niece met on the same stage

Recently Sergey Lazarev published a joint photo with his 13-year-old niece Alina on his blog.

34-year-old musician shared the joy and achievement of a young relative: she performed with him on one of the main stages of the country - in the State Kremlin Palace.

The festive concert was dedicated to the Day of employees of the internal affairs bodies of Russia and was broadcast on Channel One.

Sergey accompanied the picture with a touching comment:

“Well, we met our beloved nephew at the same concert in the Kremlin! Today she performed as part of Fidget at a festive concert”(the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved hereinafter).

Alina Lazareva also posted a photo on her Instagram account, talking about meeting her uncle on stage.

The artist's fans warmly received the joyful news of his meeting with his niece during the concert:

“That's right, where else to meet with relatives, if not at work”, “Yes, it's time for your uncle to move”, “Now you are performing together. What good fellows, talented”, “When will the duet with the nephew be? Do you want to sing a duet with her?”, “The meeting place cannot be changed!”, “How cool it is, both of your performances were on top”, “Not only relatives, but also colleagues! Wonderful! Good luck!”.

Many people noticed a noticeable similarity between Sergei and Alina: “You are very similar! And they are both so talented! Thank you for your creativity!”, “Beautiful. Very similar”, “Alin, HOW you look like your uncle! You are like copies of each other! And both are So Pretty!”, “What a beauty, just like her uncle”, “How similar. Eyes one to one!”, “The older, the more resemblance to you”, “Look! Both externally and with talent”

Note that Alina repeats the creative path of the famous uncle. At the age of 12, Sergei Lazarev became a member of the same Fidget ensemble, in which his niece now performs.

It was there that the musician met and became friends with Vlad Topalov, his future partner in the duet Smash!

Alina Lazareva came to Fidget two years ago. Sergei found out about her plans to enter the ensemble only on the day of the casting. The girls masterfully sang Pelageya's song "There was a Cossack" and without difficulty entered the team.

Sergey Lazarev's niece spends a lot of time with her grandmother, who is actively involved in her upbringing and willingly shares photos of her granddaughter. The girl's father - the elder brother of the musician Pavel - died 2.5 years ago.

Shortly after Pavel's death, Sergei said that he now considers himself responsible for his daughter: “Now I think a lot about my mother, who lost her beloved eldest son, and about her niece Alina, who was left without a father. As the sole breadwinner in the family, I just can't afford to sag.”

The singer has repeatedly admitted that he really appreciates family ties and is ready to do a lot for any of his relatives.

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