Sergey Lazarev took his son to the USA

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Sergey Lazarev took his son to the USA
Sergey Lazarev took his son to the USA

The artist spoke about the trip on his blog, posting a photo with his son from sunny Florida.

Sergey Lazarev took his son to the USA
Sergey Lazarev took his son to the USA

Sergey Lazarev followed the example of Philip Kirkorov and Kristina Orbakaite, who spent the winter holidays in the USA with their children, and went with three-year-old Nikita to Florida.

The 34-year-old artist posted on his blog a joint photo with his son, tenderly signing it: "It's not cold when the Sun is near" (author's spelling and punctuation preserved).

Sergey provided the photo with the hashtags "love", "dad son", "vacation", and also shared a video of a walk with a boy in the Instagram Stories section - such publications disappear a day after they are posted.

Fans welcomed the new frame with the participation of Nikita - in a short time, the picture scored more than 180 thousand likes. Subscribers rejoiced for the father and son: “Relax, suns”, “How cool you are! It’s a pleasure to look at you!”, “You are so cute together”, “May your sun always shine!”.

Many fans admired how gentle and caring Sergei treats the baby, and set him as an example to other parents:

“All men need to look and remember what a loving dad should look like”, “Nikusik will obviously take an example from such a wonderful father like you, Sergey Vyacheslavovich!”, “Well, there are men who love a child more than life, for whom this love is "brighter than the sun, higher than the sky", "Here's a real dad".

Recall that recently the singer gave his fans an original gift for Christmas. The artist shared a touching picture of his son on Instagram. In the photo, Nikita is captured in one of the Moscow churches. Sergey addressed the subscribers with congratulations: “Merry Christmas! My baby in the church looks and listens with great interest and curiosity … All Goodness, Peace and Love! Happy Holidays!”.

The fact that Sergey Lazarev became a father in 2014, the fans learned only in December 2016.

After that, the artist did not show the boy's face to the public for a whole year.

Only occasionally did the singer post a photo of his son from the back, or cover his face with a sticker in the picture. Sergey showed fans the face of Nikita only on December 31, 2017, congratulating them on the New Year.

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