How and what to feed the birds in winter

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How and what to feed the birds in winter
How and what to feed the birds in winter

Are you going to celebrate a holiday outside the city? It's time to apply creative forces in nature. A bird treat can beautify your garden and serve as a bird treat. And it will turn into a "sofa" for gatherings with a cup of hot tea or mulled wine.

Holiday decorations: how to make bird feeders, garden decorations and a “sofa” from a snowdrift
Holiday decorations: how to make bird feeders, garden decorations and a “sofa” from a snowdrift

Bird treat recipe

Mix in a bowl different cereals and seeds (ready mix - bird food - you can buy at the pet store) with a handful of flour, pour melted bacon and put in the cold. When the lard begins to harden, put on disposable gloves and put the treat into molds.


Tie loops to cookie cutters, then put a mixture of seeds and cereals with lard in them, compact well and put in the cold or in the refrigerator so that the lard is completely frozen. Hang on branches.


In silicone or metal molds for tartlets, lay out treats for birds: seeds, dried berries, cereals, pour melted lard or inexpensive coconut oil. Leave to set in the cold, then carefully remove the treat from the molds by placing them in a bowl of hot water for a few seconds.


Such a ball can be molded from thickly cooked porridge, for example, millet, by mixing seeds and a little melted bacon into it. Lay the twine inside and hang it up only when it is completely frozen in the cold.

Perch hanger

Decorate a round base for a Christmas wreath or just a suitable hoop with spruce branches (you can also use branches from an artificial Christmas tree, if available).

Make hangings by stringing cones, nuts, acorns, croutons, dried berries, dried orange slices, pet store bird food sticks, small balls of homemade bird food.

This pendant-feeder will decorate an open veranda, and from the window in the morning you will watch a real bird feast!

Sofa in a snowdrift

Using a snow shovel, make a "seat" in a high snowdrift, compact it well and pour water over it to harden the structure. Place chair cushions or a summer rocking chair mattress on top. if the snow is sticky enough, you can roll up snow balls and make a “sofa” seat and even armrests out of them.

Candle in ice

Ice candle holder can be made using plastic bottles of different sizes. Cut the lower third of the bottle with a sharp knife, pour 5-7 cm of water into it, place a smaller bottle inside, slightly weighting it with water. Put the structure in the cold. When the water is cold, remove the ice bowl and use it as a candlestick.

Birch bark jewelry

Cut a layer of birch bark from a fallen tree, wet it and put it under the press overnight. When the birch bark straightens and dries, use garden shears to cut out figures from it to decorate trees.

Mini Christmas tree on the terrace

Firstly, it's beautiful, secondly, it's simple, and thirdly, for such a composition you can easily find everything you need - spruce branches, bright balls, and a beautiful twig. A large glass sphere can be replaced with a transparent cake lid. If one is not available on the farm, you can use an inverted round glass vase or do without it at all. Tie spruce branches into a wreath, strengthen a small branch on a plate (you can use plasticine) and hang mini-toys. And it doesn't matter that the New Year has already passed, decorations can please us for a long time, right?

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