Anfisa Chekhova told how to find a strong man

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Anfisa Chekhova told how to find a strong man
Anfisa Chekhova told how to find a strong man

The star named the main reasons why women can't find a real man. She also explained what exactly male power is.

Anfisa Chekhova told how to find a strong man
Anfisa Chekhova told how to find a strong man

40-year-old TV and radio host, as well as actress Anfisa Chekhova told on her Instagram who can be called a real man and how to find one. The main idea of the star in the philosophical message to women is that a man is actions and a wise attitude to the “hormonal whims of women.”

Anfisa emphasizes that empty promises immediately betray a weak man:

""I came, I saw, I conquered!", and not "I wanted, I was afraid and I gave up"" she emphasizes.

Also, the star of the screen called the main mistakes of women when choosing a satellite:

“The main mistake of women, We often choose a Real Man for ourselves by external signs! Muscularity, big stature, deep voice, abundant vegetation, brutal actions, beautiful gestures, sullenness, the ability to do 100 push-ups and fight for you in a drunk club. But Man's strength is different: it is in a respectful attitude towards a Woman, in the ability to take responsibility and not run away without explanation, cowardly with her tail between her legs!”

Also, Anfisa Chekhova recommends immediately paying attention to how a man treats his mother, how he plays with children, and how he relates to the “hormonal vagaries of women.”

"A truly Wise Man is indulgent towards a Woman and her hormonal whims, he is confident in himself and the first steps towards Victory, Success, a Woman do not frighten him!".

The star is convinced that a real man is generous with gifts, and is also ready to forgive a woman, take care and, of course, not be offended.

“He is strong, and therefore open to the world! He lives, not survives, he is generous and does not expect a stab in the back!”

To attract a strong man, a woman needs to become feminine strong herself. To do this, she needs to discover strong female energies in herself, to awaken a real woman in herself. “Start to look, feel, smell, see the world and love like her!” - the TV presenter advises.

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