How ordinary downhill skiing turned into misfortune for Marat, and how he can be helped

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How ordinary downhill skiing turned into misfortune for Marat, and how he can be helped
How ordinary downhill skiing turned into misfortune for Marat, and how he can be helped

All families with a child enjoy sledging, skiing, tubing, boarding on snow-covered slopes. Rare reports of unpleasant incidents pass "by the ears" and seem to be something far away. The one that certainly will not affect you or your family. Unfortunately, the trouble did not pass by Asadulin Marat.

How ordinary skiing turned into misfortune for Marat, and how he can be helped
How ordinary skiing turned into misfortune for Marat, and how he can be helped

The boy's family is now small - he and his mother. Shortly before the incident, in November, the parents decided to divorce. Olga Alexandrovna, the mother of an eleven-year-old fourth-grader Marat, for the first time decided to go with her son on New Year's to her sister, in neighboring Almetyevsk. In its central part, New Year's festivities, fireworks are traditionally arranged, and if there are children, this is just what is needed for a great mood. Before the onset of the celebration, the relatives laid the festive table, prepared treats and went for a walk to the central square. As it usually happens in families with small children - go down a hill, play snowballs, build a snowman. Then they planned to put the children who had walked up, in the fresh air, to sleep, and themselves calmly, in a family way, celebrate the holiday.

But on the square, a friendly company quickly became disillusioned with what was happening: a huge number of people, very noisy, children could not push their way to the hill … It was decided to move to a nearby hill equipped for skiing in the Snezhinka sports and recreation complex. There were almost no people on the descent, the children rode both in twos and one by one. Marat rode tubing. One of the descents became fatal for the boy - he hit his head. There are trees along the entire route, and it is not clear where exactly the collision occurred. It is hard for Olga Alexandrovna to talk about what happened - in an instant the holiday turned into a New Year's nightmare for the whole family. “At first he didn’t even realize what had happened. He came up to me and said: "Mom, my head hurts." And on the cap itself, the blood shows through … We picked up right away, gathered everyone and went to the Almetyevsk medical unit.”

Time before the New Year, December 31, eight o'clock in the evening. Such an emergency is a real nightmare for any parent. While we were driving to the hospital, Marat behaved well. Immediately upon arrival, the doctors began to conduct an examination, did a computed tomography, and a fracture was found in the right parietal region. The boy left the treatment room, after treating the wound, to the emergency room and began to lose consciousness. Marat was immediately taken to an emergency operation, and his relatives sat in the waiting room in agonizing expectation. The operation ended 15 minutes before the chiming clock - bone resection trepanation was performed in the right parietal region. The new year began for the child in the intensive care unit, and his whole family “celebrated the holiday” in the hospital.

The boy was able to go to school only in early February, of course, he was banned from physical education in any form. Marat is an active child, and is not used to sitting at home - before the injury he played table tennis a lot, participated in competitions. Now he has to limit himself in everything. The child is 11 years old, he is growing up as a thorough and serious guy: despite his young age, he has already outlined where he is going to do after graduating from high school. His choice fell on a military lyceum - Marat had already gone there and even chose a specialization for himself - jurisprudence. His favorite subject is mathematics, he finished the year well, despite a serious injury and a strong backlog from the class, he received only two fours: in Russian and English.

Classmates worry about their friend, take care of him in their own way - now they even plant him on the edge so that nothing happens, they don’t push him by accident. When some kind of outdoor game takes place, friends ask him to sit, they know that the consequences can be very deplorable. Quite recently, the junior high school students had a graduation: animators came, all the children had fun, jumped, played. Marat sat separately, not joining in the general fun, he had a fear that something might happen to him. Unfortunately, the fears are not groundless: recently, mother and son went outside for a walk, and the kids were playing there, someone threw a stick - and it accidentally hit right on the head, casually hit him on the top of the head. Mom and son were very scared and now they are trying not to go anywhere once again. The child will have a difficult summer: roller skates, bicycles, active games - everything is banned.

Marat tries to compensate for the forced stay at home by acquiring useful skills. Recently, unexpectedly for my mother, I agreed to take art design courses and began to sew a little. And the boy loves to cook: he does a great job with meat dishes, he tries more and more new recipes with pleasure. Marat also likes communication with pets. There are aquarium fish at home, now Marat insistently asks for a cat, but Olga Alexandrovna is still afraid to take an animal: the fact is that her mother-in-law has a cat and when the child is visiting, she constantly sleeps near the boy’s head. It is obvious to the mother that so far there is no benefit from such a neighborhood, but the child likes the attention of a furry friend.

After returning to her native Zainsk, Marat's mother heard about the surgeon Elsa Fagilovna Fatykhova: the doctor has a lot of experience and experience, many successful operations. The mother and son visited the doctor for the first time on January 17, 2018. Unfortunately, after the New Year's operation, Marat, according to the results of CT, has a post-traumatic skull defect, the brain is unchanged. Despite the fact that the defect is small, the plate is very expensive. Olga Alexandrovna spends a lot of time with the child, and the father also helps: he buys medicines and travels with the child to Kazan. But their joint efforts are not enough. An operation is needed - it will be performed by doctors of the Children's Republican Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of He alth of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The boy needs plastic surgery for defects and deformities of the skull. The operation to install an individual implant and an artificial dura mater (dura mater) is 1 million 190 thousand rubles. Parents turned to the Life Line fund for help. Over 14 years of operation, the foundation has already saved more than 9,740 seriously ill children. And now Asadulin Marat can return to a he althy and happy life. All funds that go to the Life Line fund are used only for the treatment of children.

You can support Marat and other wards of the fund by sending an SMS to the short number 3242 indicating the transfer amount (for example, "100"). You can find other ways to help here.

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