How to lose weight? Expert advice

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How to lose weight? Expert advice
How to lose weight? Expert advice

Video: How to lose weight? Expert advice

Video: How to lose weight? Expert advice
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Where to start if you decide to lose weight and get your body in shape? We asked a trainer, endocrinologist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, psychotherapist, cosmetologist and Ayurvedic specialist to share life hacks and talk about ways that really work.

The best way to lose weight. 10 tips from experts
The best way to lose weight. 10 tips from experts

Properly distribute food throughout the day

Anna Ivashkevich,nutritionist, clinical nutritional psychologist

It's not just what you eat, it's also important when you eat it. For breakfast, give preference to cereals, egg dishes or cottage cheese. (For example, cottage cheese with yogurt, scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs, a couple of sandwiches with whole grain bread with meat/poultry/fish and a couple of vegetables). For lunch and dinner - cereals / pasta / noodles with meat / poultry / fish / seafood with vegetables or salad. You can cook soup (300 g) in low-fat broth with salad. Dinner is similar to lunch, only without cereals. There should always be at least one snack during the day - a glass of fermented milk product, yogurt or 1 fruit with nuts / a handful of berries (300 g).

Start your day with a glass of water with honey and lemon

Tatiana Ponomareva, Physiotherapist, Premium Aesthetics Clinic

We are 80% water. If there is not enough fluid, the rate of metabolic processes decreases and there is a risk, even with your usual diet, to reduce the rate of weight loss. Many people confuse thirst with hunger, which is why they overeat. Would you like to eat? Take a few sips of water first. Perhaps this will be quite enough to get rid of the feeling of hunger. You can start your day with a glass of water with lemon or a spoonful of honey, so you start the lymphatic drainage and digestive processes.

If nutrition and physical activity alone fails to reduce volume, I advise you to take a closer look at the Bodyter procedure. Its advantage is that it can be adjusted to individual needs. You can reduce the volume of fat cells (lipolytic program), improve muscle tone - (myostimulation), locally accelerate the metabolism in tissues (temperature exposure).

During the procedure, electrodes are applied to the problem areas of the patient, and under the influence of a light electric current, the process of lipolysis inside the cells starts (it feels like a slight tingling). In fact, the procedure imitates the work of a person in the gym. In parallel, there is a weak warming up, the patient loses a lot of water. Volumes as a result decrease very quickly. For 8 sessions, you can lose up to 5-7 cm. The procedure itself is a course, it is recommended to do it 2-3 times a week with an interval of 1-2 days.

Do an interval plank at home

Nikita Morozov - head of fitness department "PRODANCES"

Among the exercises that can be done at home, in the park or in a hotel room, one can note the interval plank. Plank is a great way to strengthen the core muscles, increase the strength and endurance of the body, as well as tighten the figure and improve well-being. In the classic version of this exercise, you need to stand static, but I suggest adding dynamics to it. Alternately bend your legs and stretch your knees towards your hands, while maintaining a straight line of the body. Watch the position of the pelvis, do not lift it up and do not lower it down. Try to keep straight and do not forget that you need to connect the abdominal muscles. Running can help you lose weight quickly. Start with a run, at a calm pace, for more than 40 minutes. It is better to go for a run in the morning, this will help to disperse the metabolism, which will improve the result.

For those who want to lose weight, tone their body and tone their muscles, I would suggest attending the Make a Body course, which consists of a high intensity workout, a dance (dynamic) class and deep full body stretching. After the first workout, you will feel how effective this program is, and you can also seek advice on exercise and nutrition to achieve the best result.

Do lymphatic drainage self-massage 2-3 times a week

Maria Bakhtina, body esthetician at Milan He alth and Beauty Center

The best home remedy for orange peel and puffiness is self-massage. But it will be effective only if you do it regularly - 2-3 times a week, for 10-30 minutes. Massage is always done from the bottom up, along the lymph flow. Before starting self-massage, take a hot shower (to warm up the muscles) and cleanse the skin. A firming (contouring) cream is applied, best on slightly damp skin, with movements from the bottom up, and you can immediately start doing self-massage.

Start with stroking movements, then move on to rubbing, then apply kneading movements that will allow you to "break" fat deposits. We complete the massage with light pats and strokes from the bottom up, along the lymph flow.

If you want to get a quick result, try the hardware RF-lifting procedures. They are performed on the Accent XL device, and they are based on radio wave exposure. The nozzle provides deep heating of the dermis and subcutaneous fat, affects collagen fibers, which make the skin elastic, even and dense. Stimulates the natural regeneration of collagen, gives a lifting effect. It is advisable to make a course of 3-6 procedures, which are carried out every 10-14 days.

Are you losing weight? Be sure to do the face

Irina Aksenenko, cosmetologist, director of Dr. Aksenenko

If willpower managed to convince the body to lose weight, then most often it begins to "leave" from top to bottom. The face, and then the chest, catastrophically begin to lose the necessary volumes. In order not to get a “deflated balloon” and “save face”, cosmetologists recommend taking preventive (precautionary) measures.

Before the process of losing weight, in order to maintain skin turgor and moisture, it is recommended to prepare the skin with a course of biorevitalization with peptide preparations, drink a course of vitamin preparations to create a depot of useful substances. For some, we carry out thread reinforcement to create a collagen supporting frame.

Further, in the process of losing weight, deep fat packages, which are supporting and important, begin to “leave”. The face begins to decrease in the area of the cheeks, temples and around the eyes. The oval may lose its clear contours, it is at this stage of weight loss that we prescribe ultrasonic non-surgical SMAS - lifting (Alteratherapy), volumetric modeling and contouring. And throughout the weight loss process, at least once a month, the patient comes to us for control or maintenance procedures. So, we can say - lose weight together! But how beautiful!

Deal with the psychological habits that prevent you from eating right

Mikhail Gavrilov, psychotherapist, PhD, author of a patented method for correcting eating behavior and weight loss, member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM, USA)

Often, psychological problems are behind overeating. Many of us are used to eating difficulties and difficulties, someone eats out of boredom, and someone reflexively - “everyone is having dinner, and I will sit down, even if I don’t want to.” For many, addiction to certain foods, mostly sweet and fatty, develops into addiction. It's not easy to get rid of her. Therefore, when it comes to losing weight, it is very important to understand the true causes of regular overeating. Perhaps you need to break the habitual reflexes that make you eat: the contemplation of beautiful food, smells, associations caused by this or that dish. Or maybe you need to think about the diversity of your life - if you do not have interests and hobbies, food will be the most affordable way to get positive emotions.

Want to get rid of cellulite? Worry less and stop smoking

Mikhail Tchaikovsky, body shaping specialist, German Medical Technology Clinic GMTClinic

Few people know that cellulite cellulite can appear not only due to hormonal changes or poor nutrition. There are other factors, such as stress and smoking. To solve the problem once and for all, you will have to change your lifestyle, and it is best to work under the supervision of a doctor who can give individual recommendations and develop a set of home and salon procedures aimed at activating metabolic processes in tissues.

I advise you to combine seaweed wraps, manual anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage massages, LPG, Vip Line myostimulation, I-Lipo non-surgical liposuction. All these manipulations contribute to the breakdown of fats and the restoration of normal blood circulation in the area of study. They are recommended to be done in courses. And during breaks, use at home products based on herbal ingredients and extracts (kelp, horse chestnut, caffeine, nicotinic acid), which additionally moisturize and nourish the skin.

Eat sweets during your insulin window

Ruslan Panov, expert methodologist and coordinator of the direction of group programs of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit

According to the latest research, there is such stunning information: focusing on human biorhythms, scientists have discovered the insulin window clock. For each person, this time approximately coincides, and usually this is the interval between 11.00 and 16.00. It is at this time that there is no need to additionally stimulate the production of insulin by the consumption of sweets, since the hormone is produced by itself. In other words, at this time of day you can afford to eat sweets and not get better, as during the insulin window, sugar will be processed. Accordingly, those who like sweets can eat dessert and not gain weight.

Buy a natural bristle massage brush

Olga Moroz, Chief Physician - Cosmetologist of Olga Moroz Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine

Home massage is performed on a dry body, movements should be directed along the course of the lymph to the heart. This helps improve lymph flow and prevent swelling. On the inside of the thighs and in the armpits there are lymph nodes that need to be bypassed and it is best not to go beyond the line of the chest and neck with self-massage. This technique is called "Dry Cleaning" and it reduces the appearance of cellulite, as it tightens the skin and renews cells, and also increases blood circulation.

Use a soft brush 1-2 times a day, the effect is cumulative and will appear no earlier than a month.

Venotonics, which include sweet clover, ginkgo biloba, organic silicon, l-carnitine, vitamin C (as an antioxidant), help to quickly and permanently solve the problem with edema and local fat deposits. Herbal preparations are administered subcutaneously by injection into problem areas. The procedure is called "Slender Silhouette" and works to compress the fat cell by removing stagnant fluid from it. Practically the same is done by manual massage, but the introduction of drugs subcutaneously is certainly a faster, painless, effective and long-term method.

Do you live in a metropolis? Try an Ayurvedic detox

Mikhail, massage master and specialist in applied Ayurveda at the Clean Energy Center

To keep your body clean, you can do a detox at home. My favorite procedure is Shankha Prakshalana: bowel cleansing in the haustra of the colon by drinking warm s alt water. The procedure helps to restore the intestinal microflora, eliminate the consequences of taking antibiotics, and while living in a metropolis, this will be relevant even with simply irregular, malnutrition. In Ayurveda, this is a ritual of cleansing the spirit and body, and not just a procedure for losing weight. So, ideally, it is performed with a complex of Asanas (exercises) - to ensure a phased cleansing and avoid stagnation. Some conditions for the correct passage of the procedure: the night before, do not eat anything fatty, limit your food.

Sleep well, tune in to cleansing. Give yourself 5 hours of peace and solitude in the morning.

In the morning (on an empty stomach), prepare water: heat it to body temperature, add ordinary table s alt, at the rate of 25 g per liter of water. Important: when you drink water, it should always be at your body temperature, that is, warm. And we begin the procedure - drink water, do exercises, mentally tune in to cleanliness externally and internally, go to the toilet if necessary.

You can enhance the effect with the help of procedures in the clinic. An ideal combination of manual anti-cellulite massage with mustard oil (it will reduce local fat deposits and remove excess fluid), canned active massage (it will start the regeneration process and activate blood circulation), honey massage (it will provide lymphatic drainage, removal of toxins and toxins) and peeling with special powder Kolakulathadi. The procedure lasts 2 hours.

Before starting hardware procedures, consult a phlebologist

Viktor Meyaev, masseur and body shaping expert of the Line of Difference Center for Actual Cosmetology

Trying to remove the volume and make the skin smooth, women sometimes embark on drastic measures. But aggressive anti-cellulite massage is contraindicated for many, sports also have their limitations. Therefore, I advise you to start with a doctor's consultation and choose the most sparing hardware techniques.

One of the options is the Endosphere procedure. It takes 75 minutes, and during this time the whole body is worked out by the microvibration method. It, like many other procedures, removes excess fluid, removes swelling, and activates metabolism. But the main advantage is that thanks to the microvibration effect, the production of subcutaneous collagen is stimulated - the elasticity of the skin increases even in the most problematic places.

You can supplement it with the Aquabike water treatment. Imagine: a separate office in which a hydromassage barrel the size of a human being is installed. Inside is a bicycle. You sit down, I help you set an individual program for your request, and the water supply begins and the hydromassage is turned on: streams of directed ozonated water work through all problem areas. It is important that such a massage has practically no contraindications: it is useful even when you can’t play sports, when your back hurts, there are problems with the knee joints, and again varicose veins. Firstly, the load due to water is practically not felt, and calories go faster than in a regular workout. Secondly, ozone accelerates metabolism and tones the skin very well.