Russian stars who were able to cope with alcoholism

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Russian stars who were able to cope with alcoholism
Russian stars who were able to cope with alcoholism

Alcoholism is not just a bad habit, but a disease that needs to be treated. These stars were able to honestly admit that there is a problem that needs to be fought and managed to find the strength to cope with it.

Sober! Stars who have overcome alcohol addiction
Sober! Stars who have overcome alcohol addiction

Alexander Rosenbaum

As a result of the frequent use of alcoholic beverages, Alexander's heart stopped. It didn't beat for 7 minutes. It happened in Australia during a banquet. Paramedics arrived quickly and carried out emergency resuscitation. But after this incident, the singer stopped drinking.

Larisa Guzeeva

Larisa started drinking when she was young. The first husband used drugs, and in retaliation, she began to abuse alcohol. The problem continued for 7 years, and then the actress and TV presenter decided to quit. She went to a specialized clinic and got coded. Guzeeva believes that "Alcoholics should be treated, not scolded." Now the popular TV presenter only occasionally allows herself a glass of wine.

Andrey Urgant

In the life of the actor there was a period when he drank heavily, but at some point he realized that the point of no return was coming. When it became more interesting with vodka than with art and family, the actor decided that he needed to finish. Now Andrei Lvovich does not drink.

Lera Kudryavtseva

Lera drank at a young age, about three years old, when she left her first husband, there was no work, and she had a small child in her arms. I drank, and it became good, no depression, no problems. And then I realized that I needed to slow down. She quit on the same day, when one day she almost died from severe alcohol poisoning. I had to call an ambulance, and Lera was very scared then, and after that she decided that enough was enough.

Dmitry Kharatyan

Dmitry was everyone's favorite from a young age. There was too much fame and attention. He achieved everything he dreamed of, led a wild life, drank, did not sleep for several days, not thinking about how this could affect his body. Kharatyan began to turn into an alcoholic. Binges began, and once he almost died in an accident while in a state of intoxication. The first crisis happened at the age of 33, and then a psychotherapist helped. Then Kharatyan survived two more crises, at 37 and 42, and decided to put an end to this. Dmitry went through a rehabilitation course, his wife helped, and the actor managed to defeat the addiction. He radically changed his lifestyle and stopped drinking.

Alexander Domogarov

When drunk, Alexander made scandals, even raised his hand to his wives. At first, the artist’s friend, a narcologist, took him out of binges, then he was repeatedly taken to a drug treatment clinic in a state of alcohol intoxication. Now Domogarov refuses alcohol and monitors his he alth.

Yuri Nikolaev

One day, Yuri appeared drunk on live television and nearly lost his job. As the presenter recalled: “In the history of Soviet television, there was no such case that on Friday evening, live on the air to an audience of two hundred million, the presenter, reading out the program guide, did not knit a bast. I was suspended from the air for several months, kicked out of the party.”

Nikolaev repeatedly tried to quit, but failed, and then he just realized that he couldn’t drink, and stopped. The wife and specialized clinics helped. For many years, Yuri has not been drinking at all, not even non-alcoholic beer.

Mikhail Boyarsky

As the actor recalls, in his best years he could drink three bottles of vodka in an evening. The body forced him to give up alcohol: after a severe attack of pancreatitis, Boyarsky revised his attitude to alcohol. In an interview, the actor said: "If you want to see your children in adulthood, if you want to babysit your grandchildren - make a choice."

Tatiana Dogileva

Tatyana does not hide the fact that she suffered from alcoholism. Addiction almost broke the life of a famous actress. Alcohol became an integral part of her life, according to doctors, she suffered not from a hangover, but from terrible drug withdrawal. And after a couple of times Dogileva appeared drunk on the set, she was no longer offered roles. She ended up in a drug treatment clinic with the third stage of alcoholism. The doctors and support of her daughter helped her to stop and start a sober life. "I know what hell is! My hell is alcoholism! - says the actress. “And God forbid someone else goes through this too.”

Irina Allegrova

The singer for a long time did not even admit to herself that there was a problem. Relatives hid bottles of alcohol, and Irina demanded that they be returned. But when Irina realized that alcohol is not able to drown out any pain and solve problems, but can only destroy the soul and body, she refused alcohol, and now she only drinks on holidays.

Dana Borisova

More recently, the public pointed the finger at Dana Borisova, discussing her far from ideal figure and constant drunken appearances in public. But now the TV presenter pulled herself together, began to smile again, lost weight, found love, and most importantly, gave up alcohol.

Dana has openly stated more than once that she had to undergo serious treatment for alcohol addiction in a rehabilitation center. And the cause was emotional distress and depression. Borisova drank herself into unconsciousness, and videos with a drunk presenter hit the net more than once. It ended up that drunken Dana was afraid of her own daughter. Now Borisova says that the black streak in her life is over, and she is very happy.

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