How to use an old toothbrush: life hacks for home

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How to use an old toothbrush: life hacks for home
How to use an old toothbrush: life hacks for home

It's hard to find a replacement for a toothbrush. Meanwhile, it itself can replace dozens of different home appliances - and even surpass them in efficiency.

Don't throw away your old toothbrush! That's what you need her for
Don't throw away your old toothbrush! That's what you need her for

Cooking stove

Use an old toothbrush to clean the burners and stove. Thanks to its small size and elastic bristles, it easily copes with dirt in places inaccessible to a cloth or sponge.

Seams between tiles

With a toothbrush, you can easily and quickly refresh the look of the grout in the joints between the tiles in the bathroom and toilet. Dip the brush in the bleach solution and scrub the stained areas with it. Rinse tiles with clean water after cleaning.

Water faucet

What is not hidden in the mixer filters! Clean the aerators of mold and bacteria with a toothbrush - it is ideal for such fine work. When finished, wash the filters in soapy water.

Chalk and colored pencil marks

If you find traces of young artists on the walls, try removing them with a toothbrush. Apply a small amount of shaving foam or toothpaste to it and rub it into the surface with gentle circular motions. Remove excess with paper towels.

Computer keyboard

A lot of dust and dirt accumulates between the keyboard keys. It is very difficult to get it with an ordinary cloth or napkin. Try using a dry brush with stiff bristles for cleaning. Place the keyboard on its side and carefully sweep away any debris from the keyboard.

Cheese Grater

Experienced housewives know how difficult it is to clean this kitchen accessory from the remnants of cheese - especially dried ones. Try removing them with a dry toothbrush and then rinsing the grater with dish soap.


Planning to bake whole cobs, but you can't seem to get the "hair" out of them? Use a toothbrush for this. And the process will take much less time, and the result will pleasantly surprise you!

Hair coloring

If you dye your hair at home, try replacing the brush with a toothbrush. It is much more convenient to use - especially if you wear a short haircut.

Unruly hair

If your hair gets frizzy when it rains and your hair looks messy, comb the unruly strands with a toothbrush dipped in hairspray.

Vegetable cleaning

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove soil residue from thin-skinned mushrooms and vegetables. Potatoes, on the other hand, will need a stiff-bristled brush.

Kitchen sink

A toothbrush is also useful for cleaning a dirty drain in the kitchen. Hold the part of the handle, located next to the bristle part of the accessory, over the fire of a candle or lighter for 3-5 seconds. Then gently bend the plastic 90 degrees. Now it will be much more convenient to use the brush.

Hair dryer

Clean the exposed parts of the hair dryer from dust using a toothbrush. Dirt that gets on the heating element can cause damage to the appliance. Do this cleaning once every 1-2 weeks to prolong its life.


With a toothbrush, you can quickly and effectively clean the ventilation grilles in the bathroom and the air ducts in the car. These places, prone to accumulation of dust and dirt, are an excellent environment for fungi and bacteria.

Remove the protective grille and clean the visible parts of the ventilation with a dry brush, then wipe them with a damp cloth and treat with foam antiseptic.

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