Arc de Triomphe: how eyebrow fashion has changed

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Arc de Triomphe: how eyebrow fashion has changed
Arc de Triomphe: how eyebrow fashion has changed

From thick Brezhnev to drawn threads and back - we have studied eyebrow fashion for 30 years and supplemented the dossier with the latest trends.

Arc de Triomphe: how eyebrow fashion has changed
Arc de Triomphe: how eyebrow fashion has changed


After three decades of ruthless plucking, thinning and extermination, girls have left their eyebrows alone (if not completely abandoned them). Shoulder pads, a small imp on the head, a lot of glitter and a unibrow - and you are a disco queen.


Tweezers have been rehabilitated, women are violently destroying "forest belts" that have grown over 10 years. Heroin chic is in fashion: pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, high cheekbones and the thinnest checkmark eyebrows. Many have not grown yet.


The worst years are over. Liquid threads began to take shape in not too thick, but plus or minus natural arcs. The curve was carefully emphasized with a pencil - that's why every second photo of those times has an astonished expression on her face.


Models from shows break the rules: wide, straight, dark eyebrows become the standard. Girls diligently comb their hair and buy funds for their growth.


Eyebrows are a cult. Brow bars are opening in every shopping center, the menu of services is replenished with microblading, styling, lamination and spa treatments. Online trends change weekly - from color dyeing to rhinestone appliqués.

The term "Insta-brows" appears - dark, graphic, expressive (sometimes too much). To create them, bloggers used a dozen tools - lipsticks, shadows, gels, felt-tip pens, powder, mascara … In 2018, the trend became less defiant and found a place in everyday life: now just wide, well-groomed and laid arcs are in fashion.

Yes, and a huge cosmetic bag is no longer needed to achieve well-groomed eyebrows. Benefit's Brow Contour Pro Pencil is four stylus in one pen that switch with one click, just like when you were a kid:

  1. fill the eyebrow with light from the beginning to the middle;
  2. paint over the second half with dark;
  3. draw a contour with a corrector to make it clearer;
  4. highlight the arch for a fresh, clear look.

A couple of minutes - and the average arc turns into a "sable". Complement your makeup with bright lipstick, even out the tone, and you don’t even need to paint your eyes. Eyebrows are everything!

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