9 Best Foundations for Problematic Skin

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9 Best Foundations for Problematic Skin
9 Best Foundations for Problematic Skin

Video: 9 Best Foundations for Problematic Skin

Video: 9 Best Foundations for Problematic Skin
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Which cosmetic products are best for problem skin? A professional makeup artist speaks.

Perfectly smooth: 9 foundations for those with problem skin
Perfectly smooth: 9 foundations for those with problem skin

The most common signs of problem skin are oiliness and enlarged pores. The main rule for owners of this type of skin is that the foundation should not be dense in texture. Otherwise, it will clog those very pores and create not only discomfort, but also a visually unaesthetic appearance - the effect of a mask on the face. We asked a professional makeup artist to share their favorite foundations that cover up any imperfections with ease.

Ekaterina Kovalchuk, top stylist at Beauteria: “When choosing foundation, you don't always have to pay attention to its price. The rule "The more expensive, the better" does not work here (more precisely, not always). Among inexpensive brands there are quite worthy means. In addition, be sure to pay attention to the texture and composition of the cream - it should include bactericidal substances. And also (ideally) the manufacturer should ensure that during the day the skin does not appear greasy. The beauty and he alth of the skin depends on these factors. Tip: before you buy any foundation, ask the store for a sample or miniature of it to test it at home and see how the product behaves on your skin. Only after that is it worth making the final decision whether this tone is needed or not.”

Teint Idole Ultra Wear, Lancôme

Great option for problem skin. It provides durability up to 24 hours, has a mattifying effect (which is exactly what you need), and also includes a complex of moisturizing ingredients that give a feeling of comfort, neutralizing the feeling of tightness or feeling of heaviness. I would advise you to choose the cushion format, as patting the sponge on the face, you create an even coating. This product blends perfectly and is suitable for those who face the problem of orange spots on the face.

Anti-Blemish Solutions, Clinique

According to the manufacturer, Anti-Blemish Solutions not only hides skin problems, but also treats them. The composition includes a drying component - salicylic acid, which helps to dry acne, and also reduces the secretion of sebum. The cream has a medium density with a matting effect. But this tool has one “but”: it should not be applied to the skin around the eyes, as it is especially sensitive and thin there.

All Nighter, Urban Decay

This cream has a great waterproof texture that spreads easily and evenly over the skin. It does not need to be layered, as the product has a high ability to cover all skin defects. After the cream "sits" on the skin, it will give a beautiful matte finish that will be with you throughout the day, so you can forget about the powder. I especially recommend All Nighter to those who are going to an evening event and do not want to constantly touch up something in the make-up.

Phyto Teint Eclat, Sisley

This foundation creates the effect of "second skin" with a matte finish, perfectly masks enlarged pores. It is very resistant, and its huge plus is that it does not stain clothes. An excellent tool for every day. In addition, Phyto Teint Eclat has a very pleasant aroma, which is important.

Studio Fix Fluid, M. A. C Cosmetics

This is a great foundation with a dense texture, but when it is properly shaded, it turns into a light coverage that perfectly hides imperfections. This tool has a huge color palette, which allows you to choose the tone that is perfect for you. Studio Fix Fluid lasts about 8 hours on the skin (that will be enough!), absorbs oiliness and has a protective function from ultraviolet SPF15.

All Hours, YSL Beaute

Ultra-wear foundation that maintains a matte finish all day long. The composition does not contain oils, and this suggests that the cream does not provoke the appearance of comedones and acne. All Hours is a moisture-resistant product, it has a liquid texture, so it is easy to apply, does not roll, does not leave stains and stains. In the end, the name of this tool speaks for itself, so using it, you can forget about matting powder.

Matte, Lumene

The main advantage of this tool is that it does not clog pores. Contains moisturizing ingredients. When applied, the cream gives the effect of a freshly rested face, creating a flawless tone. Another advantage of Matte is that it has a natural composition, so it does not cause allergies. But here I advise you to take powder or matting wipes with you to remove the oily shine that appeared during the day, returning the haze.

Double Wear, Estée Lauder

Despite its thick texture, Double Wear dissolves upon application to leave a light matte finish that can mask even the most serious skin problems. Perfect for those who need a lifting makeup, as it gives the skin a slight glow, thereby visually smoothing out wrinkles.

Better Skin, Maybelline New York

This foundation is a favorite of many beauty bloggers. Firstly, because Better Skin contains vitamins C and B5 (they improve the condition and color of the skin), as well as zinc, which dries up inflammation. Second, it won't run, roll, or smudge, staying in place for up to 11 hours. This foundation has only 6 shades in the palette, but even among them each will find its own color. This tone gives a beautiful powdery finish, but be careful as it can accentuate flaking.

Effaclar Duo + Tinted, La Roche-Posay

Effaclar Duo + Tinted is the perfect companion for those with acne marks, pigmentation or redness to clear these skin imperfections and prevent them from reappearing. This is a comprehensive skin care product that provides a long-lasting mattifying effect. Even girls with sensitive skin can use it. It contains a combination of 100% mineral pigments that provide an instant tinting effect. The tool is an excellent base for make-up. And despite the fact that it is presented in only one color, it is universal and suits absolutely everyone.