How beautiful to tie a scarf: 6 workshops

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How beautiful to tie a scarf: 6 workshops
How beautiful to tie a scarf: 6 workshops

Video: How beautiful to tie a scarf: 6 workshops

Video: How beautiful to tie a scarf: 6 workshops
Video: My Top 10 Ways to Tie a Scarf | Dominique Sachse 2023, September

Don't like scarves? You just need to learn how to tie them beautifully. And we will help you with this advice and master classes.

6 ways to tie a scarf beautifully (video)
6 ways to tie a scarf beautifully (video)

Fake Knot

This is the easiest and most affordable way to tie a scarf. Wrap the accessory around your neck. Create a loop from one part of the scarf, as shown in the video. Pass the free edge of the product through it, tighten the knot and straighten the fabric.


This is a very feminine and elegant option that requires a long scarf or tippet. To create a Butterfly Knot, wrap the accessory around your neck twice. Then you need to tuck one of the free edges in the direction from the bottom up, thus fixing the entire structure. Straighten the drapery at the neck and the edges of the scarf.

Men's Tie

Put the scarf around your neck. Holding one edge of the product with your hand, wrap the other edge around it, then bring it up and thread it into the resulting loop - this is how a man's tie is usually tied. Tighten the knot to the desired height.


Roll the scarf into a loose bundle. Wrap it around your neck twice - so that one of the edges becomes shorter than the other. Flatten the fabric along the long edge of the scarf and pin one of the corners of the fabric in the folds at the neck so that a beautiful triangular drapery is formed on the chest.


It is quite difficult to remember the sequence of actions in this variant from the first time. But after watching the video several times, you will definitely learn how to tie a scarf according to this pattern. And it's worth it - after all, it looks very impressive when finished.

Wrap the fabric around your neck twice to form a loose loop. Pull through it from the bottom up a small part of one of the edges of the scarf. Pass the other end of the scarf through the hole. You should end up with a beautiful multi-layer weaving - which will protect your neck well from the wind, and emphasize the individuality of your image.

Paris Knot

Scarves and stoles with short edges, made of knitted knitwear or fur (as shown in the video), are suitable for this option. It is best to choose accessories decorated with fringe or other elements that work to add complexity to the image.

To tie the Parisian knot, fold the scarf in half, wrap it around your neck and thread the ends of the scarf through the resulting loop. Drape the fabric as you wish. Simple and elegant!