Three principles by which we choose outfits

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Three principles by which we choose outfits
Three principles by which we choose outfits

Video: Three principles by which we choose outfits

Video: Three principles by which we choose outfits
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Anastasia Alekseenko, stylist and author of the Fashion Blog, spoke about the three main principles that guide us when compiling a winter wardrobe.

How to look stylish in winter: the main tasks of your image
How to look stylish in winter: the main tasks of your image

Today I propose to talk about the goals and objectives of the winter style. I discovered here that although it seemed obvious and trivial to me, some people do not even think about such things. And I decided to write a little about them.

So, if we are talking about a winter look, we have - in my opinion - three options for going out.

Option  1

Mostly outdoor

It is important for us to look good on the street - and that's all. These are winter walks in the park, going to the store or taking the child to the garden. It is assumed that we do not take off our outer clothing anywhere, at most - we may have to unbutton the jacket. We don’t take off our shoes anywhere and, in principle, we don’t stay indoors for a long time. I will call it conditionally “look good on the street”. Here I also include cases when we come to the room, but there we quickly change clothes. For example, if we work in a uniform. Or at the sports club.

What is important in this case?

The most important thing here is the most comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing. Comfortable and stylish at the same time. This image is created primarily by outerwear. Plus accessories: scarf, hat. Shoes are also very important, and comfort and relevance are often important here. For such sets, relevance is generally the most important thing. And the style that is reproduced is mostly casual.

For example, I chose a very simple option for myself: a parka with a voluminous hood. The fur lining is removable, I can wear it in different weather. It is convenient to put on different clothes down as needed. Length to the knee, which simplifies the selection of the "bottom". From shoes - closed winter sneakers or rough boots. You don't have to dress like the forester's daughter, but if you know you're going to be walking or walking in the park for a long time, stilettos are unlikely to look appropriate (and stylish).

Option  2

Mainly indoor

The second is when it's important for us to look good indoors first. And the presence on the street is a short dash from point A to point B. The main goal at the same time is not to freeze and not to violate the “image” that we must “transmit” to the room at the destination: not to destroy the hairstyle, not to wrinkle the dress and so on. Such cases are less common, but they do happen.

What is important in this case?

And it's simple, because our task is to look good indoors. Sometimes for this you can sacrifice the style of the "street" part of the image. What I use for such cases: a spacious down jacket with a voluminous knee-length hood. The loose fit of the down jacket allows you not to wrinkle the lower layers of clothing, and the hood does not spoil the hairstyle. Shoes in this case are different. It also happened that in December I went by taxi to a restaurant immediately in boats. It happened that it was easier to change shoes, and on the street to use the most comfortable boots or winter sneakers.

Option  3


The most common case, especially for working women, is when you spend a lot of time on the street (from work, to work, for a child, to the store on the way) and at the same time you need to look good most of the day indoors on work.

What is important in this case?

  • Outerwear style and indoor clothing style do not have to match. If you spend the whole day in a business suit, you should not at all complement it with an exclusively cashmere coat. It can also be a comfortable down jacket.
  • Moreover, I advise you to separately think about how you will look on the street, and how you will look indoors, as if they are two separate looks (in fact, they are).
  • To illustrate the idea, imagine a scene from the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", where Angelina Jolie leaves the house in the form of a respectable housewife: a raincoat, a silk scarf, while under the raincoat she has a latex bodysuit. The case when two beautiful and completely completed images turned out (well, of course, taking into account the specifics of the plot), while absolutely not overlapping with each other.
  • If you stay indoors for a long time, but also move along the street for a long time and not in your car, I advise you to consider the option of replacement shoes. A whole day at the office may not be very comfortable in the same boots in which you jump over snowdrifts. In addition, office shoes will give you more freedom in terms of style.
  • Remember that an indoor/outdoor situation should involve many layers so you can vary how warm you are. Moreover, in severe frosts, I advise you to have an additional layer with you, which serves only for warming. For example, a thin wool cardigan that you put on under a coat or jacket, and take off in the office and stay in a dress.

In general, I propose first of all to determine the purpose for which the image is created and which of the three above cases we are talking about.

Anastasia Alekseenko, author of Fashion Blog