How TV presenters have changed since the start of their careers

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How TV presenters have changed since the start of their careers
How TV presenters have changed since the start of their careers

Video: How TV presenters have changed since the start of their careers

Video: How TV presenters have changed since the start of their careers
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Popular TV presenters sometimes agree to radical image changes, but some do not change at all even many years after the start of their careers. Compare how the appearance of the artists has changed over the years.

Then and now: what TV presenters looked like at the beginning of their careers
Then and now: what TV presenters looked like at the beginning of their careers

Olga Buzova ("Dom-2"), 2008

We learned about Olga thanks to the Dom-2 TV project, where she was first a participant, and in 2008 she became the host, replacing Ksenia Sobchak. Buzova tried to be noticeable, so she preferred bright outfits, catchy makeup. For 10 years, Olga has changed a lot in appearance - her love for self-tanning has passed, she has turned from a blonde into a brunette, but she cannot refuse hair extensions. There was a time when Buzova took off all the artificial strands and walked without them, but this period was short-lived.

Ksenia Sobchak ("Blonde in Chocolate"), 2007

For those who are not in the subject, we recall that "Chocolate Blonde" is a reality show with Sobchak (Russian Paris Hilton) in the title role. And although the program was conceived as an honest reality show, where Xenia's life will be shown as it is, there were still staged moments. The future candidate for the presidency of Russia dressed in the latest fashion of that time, preferred careless styling and defiant behavior. Now it’s hard to imagine Ksenia in some crazy outfits and with incredible makeup, because she even started a political career. Though maybe it has nothing to do with it…

Ksenia Borodina ("Dom-2"), 2003

For the past 15 years, Ksenia Borodina has been the permanent host of the main TV construction site in our country. During this time, many metamorphoses happened to her (we are now talking about appearance). For example, from an overweight girl, she turned into a thin girl, cut off her long hair and made a bob. I must say that all these changes have benefited her. Now Ksenia is followed by a multi-million army of fans on Instagram, with whom she shares the secrets of her beauty and style with great pleasure.

Larisa Guzeeva ("Let's get married!"), 2008

The program "Let's get married" is simply impossible to imagine without Larisa Guzeeva. Her directness, ability to present herself and sense of humor are captivating, and you watch this show as if under hypnosis. Yes, she is no longer the same young girl from "Cruel Romance" (she will be 60 next year!), But also very personal. For 10 years of constant work on Channel One, Larisa has changed - professionals have clearly worked on her style, styling and makeup. But it's even good, because over the years she began to look only better and fresher.

Yulia Baranovskaya ("Reboot"), 2014

Yulia's career took off after a difficult breakup with the father of her three children, Andrei Arshavin. She became a writer and TV presenter of many programs on various TV channels. One of her most notable works is "Reboot" on TNT. We must pay tribute to Baranovskaya: over the past four years she has not changed at all, and this is worth a lot.

Irena Ponaroshku (Total Show), 2003

For the first time we saw Irena Ponaroshka as the host of the "Total Show" on MTV Russia (at that time she was 20 years old!). She was a very open, active and cheerful girl who charged with her energy through the TV screens. Time has passed, but nothing has changed, except that Irena got married and became a mother twice. Now Ponaroshka can also be seen as the host of some programs, but in addition to this, she is very active on her Instagram page. Here we look at photographs of 15 years ago and understand that, in fact, Irena has not changed. Or, rather, even began to look even better, thanks to proper nutrition and an active lifestyle (in particular, she practices yoga).

Ekaterina Andreeva (Channel One. News), 1997

Unbelievable but true - now Ekaterina is 57 years old! This girl (sorry, but we can’t call her a woman) always with a straight back, beautiful styling and appropriate make-up, impeccable style in clothes (we are talking about work now) is the standard of femininity and inner strength. She doesn't really change! Perhaps she knows the secret of eternal youth, which her personal beautician revealed to her.

Elena Hanga ("About It"), 1997

This is the first talk show about sex on Russian television was just a bomb! “About it” was watched by everyone, although many did not admit it. One of its hosts was the mulatto Elena Khanga, who appeared before the audience in the form of a blonde (of course, it was a wig). The show caused a very big resonance, but that was the calculation. Looking at the photo of 20 years ago, it becomes obvious that Elena has aged, but still looks very good. And she looks much better without white hair!