Andrey Voznesensky and Zoya Boguslavskaya: a love story

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Andrey Voznesensky and Zoya Boguslavskaya: a love story
Andrey Voznesensky and Zoya Boguslavskaya: a love story

Video: Andrey Voznesensky and Zoya Boguslavskaya: a love story

Video: Andrey Voznesensky and Zoya Boguslavskaya: a love story
Video: «3723 Вознесенский». Док фильм. HD. 2023, September

Both Andrei Voznesensky and Zoya Boguslavskaya did not like to talk about personal things. Probably, they were the most closed people in the circle of literary and theatrical bohemia of the 60s. Very few knew about their romance, and those who did did not believe that they would get married. It seemed impossible even because of the age difference: she was 9 years older. It seems a little: he is thirty, she is under forty. But Zoya is an accomplished, independent, with a scientific degree, published books, sports victories and a we althy husband, and Voznesensky is a scandalous disgraced poet.

Hey Oza! Zoya Boguslavskaya and Andrei Voznesensky
Hey Oza! Zoya Boguslavskaya and Andrei Voznesensky

Lyrics and physics

The romance between Zoya and Voznesensky began in Dubna - just as Vasily Aksenov described in his "Mysterious Passion". But, of course, Zoya did not come to the poet's room at night, did not take off her dress … Everything was innocent and naive. Voznesensky was friends with techies, "Soviet princes of the fifties, nuclear scientists and defense workers" of Novosibirsk, Dubna, and the Crimean Conservatory. Zoya was just starting a story about the future of Soviet physics and agreed to go with Andrei to Dubna. A well-known photograph of that time, where Andrei leans towards Zoya, captures a not very romantic moment, he simply asks: “What would you like to read?”

Remember, Zoya, - covered in snow, remember Dubna and you play.

Turn around from the keys.

And your face is empty.

Something paused in him

And unrecoverable ever since.

That year Andrei ran after Zoya, knocking himself down. She, a smart girl with an iron character, understood: she had a husband and a son, and Andrei was Andrei a poet, today he has one muse, tomorrow another. And she would never have dared to leave her husband, if not for the incident on the pier.

Case on the pier

Zoya and her eight-year-old son went on a tourist cruise along the Volga-B alt. It was summer, the weather was fine, the ship made stops in beautiful old cities. Everything was wonderful until the first mate approached her with a huge bouquet:

- Are you Zoya Boguslavskaya?

- I…

At every stop from the radio room, the whole ship rushed: “telegram to Oze Boguslavskaya”, “telegram to Zoya Boguslavskaya”, “telegram to Lady Boguslavskaya …” Zoya was horrified by such courtship, she was ashamed to stick her nose out of her cabin. "Kill the idiot," she fumed.

We got off the ship in Petrozavodsk - Voznesensky's figure loomed in the background. He's been on duty here for days. Zoya did not appreciate the romantic gesture, went up to him and asked him harshly not to pursue her anymore, not to compromise. The poet turned pale:

And left.

You should have known Zoya - she hated hurting people. If this happened, she gnawed at herself: well, what a soulless bastard I am … The ship moored in the small town of Voznesensk, and Zoya sent Andrei a conciliatory telegram:

Voznesensky seemed so in love that Zoya did not even doubt: when the cruise was over, he would meet her at the pier. Didn't meet. Didn't call. And the next day he did not call, and a week later, too. It was a shame, but… no, no.

You know, Zoya, stop talking now.

Our paths diverge.

If they go sideways, you can't stop the rest.

Love is not a yoke

Another week passed, and Andrey's mother called Boguslavskaya. By the way, Antonina Sergeevna Voznesenskaya was categorically against this hobby of her son.

“Mom, but I love her!” Andrey exclaimed.

“Love is not a Mongol-Tatar yoke,” answered the wise woman.

So, she didn’t love Zoya, but then she called: “Zoyushka, do you know where Andryusha is? As soon as I left for Petrozavodsk, I never called!”

Zoya felt she was losing something priceless. Or maybe already lost. This moment changed everything for her, she realized that Voznesensky was very dear to her. A few days later, she heard his calm and sad voice on the phone: “Don’t worry, I’m alive, but I won’t stand in line for … (he gave the name of the man Zoya liked then).”

The next day I called again: “Zoya, I will stand in line for anyone - don’t chase me!” They started dating. And when we went to Y alta together, Zoya, under the dictation of Voznesensky, wrote a statement of divorce: “Due to the fact that I have another family, I ask you to divorce us.”

The Strongest Ties

Zoya's husband, computer designer, Stalin Prize laureate Boris Kagan, tried to stop her:

He invited her to meet at the same restaurant exactly one year later, at the same time.

From a well-established, prosperous life, Zoya went into poverty, disorder. They wandered for a long time in removable corners, there was a lack of money, Khrushchev threatened to expel Voznesensky from the USSR. At first, they lived on Zoya's modest salary. It was difficult, sometimes it seemed to her: the ex-husband was right, she could not stand it for more than a year. But it turned out that they lived with Voznesensky much longer than a year - forty-five years. And only death separated this union, although all other unions collapsed before our eyes:

“Just yesterday, suppose Zolotukhin had a wife, Nina Shatskaya, and tomorrow she became the wife of Leni Filatov. Well, just the same - she was the wife of Mikhail Lukonin, became Galya Yevtushenko. There was such a time. You know, like the Silver Age, in the 10s, 20s, they all changed too - this was considered one of the signs of freedom …”, Zoya recalled.

Everything was - and rain and rainbows, the horizon has been disfavoring me.

Changed friends maliciously.

I'm tired of myself, the infection.

Only you haven't changed.