How to identify heart problems

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How to identify heart problems
How to identify heart problems

Video: How to identify heart problems

Video: How to identify heart problems
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Situations where a person has a heart attack and grabs his chest abruptly are rare. Most often, our “motor” warns in advance that problems are possible. However, most often we check not the heart, but other organs. In what cases it is necessary to urgently contact a cardiologist - in our material.

Note! 6 symptoms that indicate heart problems
Note! 6 symptoms that indicate heart problems

1. Indigestion

The heart is located directly above it, and it is easy to confuse an attack with a normal disorder. Of course, if you are sure that you were poisoned or caught rotavirus, the heart has nothing to do with it, but if you have any doubts, call an ambulance.

2. Back and jaw pain

People experience pain differently, and pain can radiate literally anywhere. If you experience sudden back pain or a cramped jaw, it's quite likely to be a heart problem!

3. Heartburn

Same problem as indigestion. Pay attention to the time. If everything lasts longer than 7 minutes and the discomfort does not go away while sitting and resting, and especially if this has not happened before, check the "motor".

4. Breathing problems

It's normal to be out of breath for a while after hard exercise. But if you're just sitting on the couch or can't climb the stairs, it's in the heart. Even if the shortness of breath is not accompanied by chest pain, it can mean a heart attack. Better check!

5. Pain in left shoulder

A classic but not well-known symptom of a heart attack. The case when the brain does not understand where the signal comes from.

6. Chest pain

Main symptom. There is a feeling as if something heavy is lying on the chest. It is very important to call an ambulance as soon as possible.