How to become swarthy without a solarium

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How to become swarthy without a solarium
How to become swarthy without a solarium

Before the holidays, many girls want their skin to be already bronzed, so they sign up for a tanning bed. But what if you want to harm the body with radiation? And what to do if during the rest the weather does not allow you to bask in the sun? Self-tanning will be your salvation, and we will tell you everything you need to know about this procedure.

Without a solarium and sun: how to achieve the perfect tan
Without a solarium and sun: how to achieve the perfect tan

From the very beginning, it should be said that an instant tan is a procedure that is more like a spa than the usual application of self-tanning, and even more so a trip to the solarium.

First stage of the procedure - full body peeling. Scrubbing agents very gently and effectively remove skin irregularities and dead cells. As a bonus - a pleasant smell, partly turning the process into aromatherapy.

Second stage - application of liquid bio-peeling, which equalizes the pH of the skin, moisturizes and guarantees uniform penetration of self-tanning into the epidermis. The product is applied using a special sprayer and absorbed literally within a couple of minutes.

Third step - direct application of instant tan lotion. This is done using a special American Express Tan Spary installation (the same sprayer), which provides a very high fine dispersion of the lotion. Your task at this stage is to decide on the intensity of the shade: if you want to get a more intense tan, you will need to apply a second layer. The application itself is done manually in a special cabin, where you only need to substitute all parts of the body under the jet in the correct sequence.

Fourth stage - drying and fixing the result. The same “sprayer” is used here, but this time it does not apply lotion, but simply blows warm air on you. After such a “hair dryer”, it is better to give yourself another quarter of an hour so that the lotion is completely absorbed - just enough for a cup of coffee.

But to consolidate the result, you will have to go through the last stage. To keep your tan looking natural and streak-free, take a shower 2-4 hours after application (keep this in mind when choosing your recording time). Do not be afraid: the remains will be washed off, and the tan itself will appear within a day.

Once you see the shade you want, apply any moisturizer to your body - and catch admiring glances for at least a week. And if you're lucky, enjoy an even tan for up to 10 days and emphasize your skin tone with light-colored clothes - there will be no traces left! And for a wow effect, we recommend supporting the result with shimmering products.

Thanks to Bronze&Beauty salon for help in preparing the material.

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