What fatty foods can you eat and lose weight

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What fatty foods can you eat and lose weight
What fatty foods can you eat and lose weight

Fat is our main friend in the fight for a beautiful figure and good he alth!

9 high-fat foods that are essential for he alth
9 high-fat foods that are essential for he alth

He alth, a beautiful figure, energy - for all this, our body needs he althy fats. Monounsaturated, high in omega-3s, they should be eaten as often as possible, ideally every day. We have selected foods that are especially high in he althy fats - add them to your diet soon!


These little black berries are 90% fat, but a very he althy fat. In addition, olives have a lot of fiber, which is never enough - another reason to add them to salads, to a side dish or eat them just like that, for example, with dried bread and garlic.


This vegetable is indispensable for everyone who cares about the he alth of the heart and blood vessels. In addition to omega-3s, which keep blood vessels elastic and youthful, avocados are high in potassium, essential for heart he alth, as well as B vitamins, vitamin F and K. In addition, avocados help maintain he althy blood pressure levels - another reason to eat it every day.


Low-fat protein and he althy monounsaturated fat are a near-perfect combination that makes salmon effective against internal inflammation as well as chronic disease. One or two servings of this he althy fish per week is what you need for he alth and longevity.


Just a few servings of cheese a week can nearly halve your risk of stroke and heart attack, according to last year's study. Most importantly, make sure that the cheese is made from natural fat milk without the addition of vegetable fats. And if you eat cheese along with olives or black olives, you get a double benefit!

Olive oil

Olive oil is the main ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, which two years ago was recognized as the most suitable for maintaining he alth and increasing the chances of longevity. The main thing to remember is that this is a “cold” oil, whose beneficial properties are completely lost when heated. Add it to salads, spreads, or just spread it on dried or fried bread - and eat it every day. Your heart will be very grateful to you.


If we had to choose just one unconditionally he althy and wholesome product, eggs would win by a wide margin. Firstly, it is the simplest source of useful proteins, secondly, they help compensate for vitamin D deficiency, and thirdly, they contain a lot of useful vitamins and minerals, including carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are beneficial for the eyes. Finally, eggs are a source of he althy fats. That is an almost perfect product!

Dark chocolate

But if you had to choose the he althiest dessert, then dark chocolate would beat all competitors in the semifinals: it is good for metabolism, it relieves stress, it helps fight aging and even protects the brain from cognitive impairment. Dark chocolate is also high in he althy fats. The main thing to remember is to choose chocolates that are high in cocoa and low in sugar, and don't get too carried away.

Greek yogurt

The easiest way to get your daily dose of he althy unsaturated fats is to eat Greek yogurt. And at the same time - and get enough calcium and protein. Solid profit!


Almost all nuts contain enough he althy fats, but cashews are the champions among them. In addition, these nuts contain a lot of magnesium, which is necessary for heart he alth and the strength of our bones and joints - so it is worth eating cashews at least a couple of times a week.

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