Why hair quickly becomes greasy

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Why hair quickly becomes greasy
Why hair quickly becomes greasy

Tired of washing your hair every day? Might be worth a change in hair care!

Too greasy: 6 reasons why hair gets dirty quickly
Too greasy: 6 reasons why hair gets dirty quickly

How often do you have to wash your hair? Twice a week? Once every two days? In one day? If you do this more often than you would like; If, despite your best efforts, your hair gets greasy too quickly, maybe it's time to check if everything is fine with them? Here are some of the most common reasons why hair gets oily too quickly - maybe just a little change will make it so much better!

Too high humidity

Autumn and spring, when there is more moisture in the air, we have to wash our hair more often, as the humidity increases the activity of the sebaceous glands. But if you notice that your hair has become dirty faster, check if the air in your apartment or office has become more humid - maybe this is the whole point.

Hormonal disorders

Hair and skin are the first to respond to changes in hormonal levels and the activity of male and female hormones. And if you have acne or your skin has become too dry or, on the contrary, oily, and your hair has started to get dirty especially quickly, it may be worth starting with a consultation with an endocrinologist and testing for hormones. By the way, even the oral contraceptives you are taking may be causing you to wash your hair more often than before.

The habit of frequently combing and touching hair with hands

Trichologists advise combing no more than three or four times a day: when we comb our hair, we transfer the sebum that hair follicles produce daily to the entire head of hair - and it instantly gets dirty. Well, if we constantly touch our hair, then we also add sebum from the surfaces of our fingers - and now, it's time to wash our hair again!

Wash your hair with too hot water

Do you like it hot? Alas, too hot water completely washes away sebum from the scalp, and the epidermis immediately begins to produce a new one - with a vengeance. And it all starts over.

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