Trendy vacation manicure

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Trendy vacation manicure
Trendy vacation manicure

A vacation trip is a real holiday. Therefore, the design of nails should be elegant, and not everyday. We have collected the most trendy ideas!

Making a trendy vacation manicure: main colors and design ideas
Making a trendy vacation manicure: main colors and design ideas

Our expert: Maria Dolbineva, nail service master of the Manikyuroff studio network

There are no strict rules and restrictions in summer manicure. You can choose your favorite shades and have fun with the design, whether it's bright red or neon orange. But we will talk about nail design trends.

The most fashionable colors of summer 2019

Design Ideas

Several pastel shades

Such combinations should not be underestimated. To cheer yourself up, mix pink, lemon and blue on your nails, or apply pale green on half of the nail and try matte white on the other.

Geometric elements

Stripes of different colors are the undoubted trend of this season, although black remains a clear favorite. They look good on both long and short nails. Get creative and boldly mix different colors.

Abstraction and summer motifs

Zigzags, petals, fruits, splashes, dots of different sizes or ice cream on a stick - all these are very summery patterns. Oval graphic dots of white on gray look spectacular. Do not completely paint over the nail with the main color, leave free space, for example, in the form of a zigzag, rhombus or arrow. You can draw black and white tiger stripes using a red, yellow, blue or black base. On a yellow background, the black elements of a beach holiday will look bright: sunglasses, palm trees, beach umbrellas.

Free space

When creating a creative graphic design consisting of several shades, do not forget to leave the parts of the nail transparent - this is another trend in nail art this summer. Cover the nail with a transparent base and draw a few rectangles in a checkerboard pattern, leaving free space.

French manicure

Here you can play with the free edge, like applying matte blue or pink, or make a real rainbow of several colors along the tip of the nail.

Reverse French manicure also stays with us. I propose to take a dark base color, and apply a metallic tone to the hole under silver or gold, or make golden triangles with a slight sheen of glitter on a pale pink base.

Another summer solution is to cover the nails with a transparent tone and draw cut fruit in the area of the hole, it will undoubtedly be juicy, beautiful and very summer-like.

In the form and length of nails, preference is given to naturalness - not too long, but not critically short. Unexpectedly for everyone, long and sharp nails are returning. And if you want to make this shape look less provocative, use nude shades for coverage - milky, beige, light gray or soft pink are suitable for any occasion.

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