Life hacks for beautiful photos: 8 recipes you didn't know about

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Life hacks for beautiful photos: 8 recipes you didn't know about
Life hacks for beautiful photos: 8 recipes you didn't know about

Forget about filters and expensive equipment! With these tips, you won't need them anymore.

No photoshop! 8 ingenious ways to take beautiful photos
No photoshop! 8 ingenious ways to take beautiful photos

Fog effect

To create a fog effect, use a simple life hack. Put a thick plastic bag over the lens, after making a hole in it.

The edges of the bag should partially overlap the lens, but not adjacent to it. If you do everything right, the photo should have a milky haze.

Curly shadow

Even professional photographers use this life hack. When shooting portraits, try to cover the light source with a metal strainer - so that a figured shadow falls on your face. These photos look dramatic and really interesting. And if you press the strainer against the lens, the picture will turn out a little blurry.


Professional photographers use special lenses for macro photography. These are quite expensive. But we will show you how to avoid unnecessary expenses and learn how to shoot objects close up even without a camera. Ready to upgrade your smartphone?

You will need an old laser pointer, from which you need to remove the focusing lens. Hold it between the two parts of the invisibility and attach it to the phone's camera. Fix the invisibility with a piece of tape. With this life hack, you can easily get clear pictures of objects and inscriptions that cannot be seen with a normal eye.

Colored glow

It's very simple. Hold the rainbow side of the CD to the bottom of the lens so that the reflected rays hit the lens. Such shooting allows you to achieve the effect of a rainbow in the picture. Experiment with the angles of the disk to get unique photos.

DIY light box

Choose the brightest window in your apartment. Attach a clean white sheet of A3 size to it and secure it with adhesive tape. Place your subject in front of the window and go.

Light effect

To achieve the effect of an overexposed photo, light a match and bring it to the lens. Just don't get too close - no one canceled the safety rules!

Bokeh photography

To create spectacular bokeh photos, you will need a SLR camera, a piece of black cardboard, a pencil, scissors, duct tape and a utility knife. Make a tube out of black cardboard that is 2-3 millimeters larger than the lens in diameter. Make "nozzles" - cardboard circles, in the center of which any pattern you like is cut.

Now fix one of the circles on the tube and put it on the lens. Such a simple device allows you to get unusual shots with lighting effects in the form of a selected pattern. Focus your camera to see them.

Instead of a filter - sunglasses

Use a simple life hack that works especially well for interior and panoramic shooting. Take a photo of an object through sunglasses and you'll see the usual colors sparkle with unexpected hues.

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