How to recognize gestational diabetes and what to do

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How to recognize gestational diabetes and what to do
How to recognize gestational diabetes and what to do

"Pregnant" diabetes is a very dangerous condition that endangers the life and he alth of not only the woman, but also the unborn child.

Gestational diabetes: 8 important signs to look out for
Gestational diabetes: 8 important signs to look out for

Blurred vision

When blood glucose is too high, it affects the level of fluid in the eye lens, which interferes with the focus of vision and makes it cloudy. This symptom may be permanent or temporary if the glucose level rises sharply. In any case, if you often notice something like this in yourself, you should consult a doctor.

Persistent fatigue

Feelings of fatigue, weakness and lack of energy are normal during pregnancy, up to 80% of pregnant women experience them constantly. But excessive tiredness and fatigue can also be a sign of developing gestational diabetes: the fact is that high glucose levels make it harder for cells to receive and use oxygen and nutrients.

Permanent thirst

Another symptom that accompanies almost every pregnancy is the feeling of thirst. A pregnant woman needs more fluids to increase blood volume and help the kidneys get rid of excess waste. But thirst can also be a sign of developing diabetes. The approximate norm of water consumption during pregnancy is 10 glasses a day. But if you need more, it might be worth checking your sugar levels.

Increased urge to urinate

We know that during pregnancy, women have to go to the toilet more often: increased blood flow leads to the production of more urine, and the baby presses on the bladder, provoking urges. But another reason for frequent trips to the toilet may be elevated sugar levels, which makes the kidneys work harder. Therefore, it is worth regularly monitoring glucose levels and taking action in time.

Nausea and vomiting

Another symptom of pregnancy that also coincides with the symptom of gestational diabetes. The fact is that with developing diabetes, cells cannot use sugar as an energy source and it accumulates in the blood, stimulating the formation of ketones - toxic substances that provoke nausea and vomiting.

Weight loss

Sudden and unmotivated weight loss is always a bad sign, but especially during pregnancy. When cells cannot use glucose as fuel, the body has to extract energy from other substances, which leads to weight loss. This often affects the child: in women with gestational diabetes, as a rule, children are born with reduced body weight.

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