Actors who got into funny or scary situations on set

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Actors who got into funny or scary situations on set
Actors who got into funny or scary situations on set

Hundreds of people are involved in the filming process, which you can’t immediately follow. But sometimes the stars themselves get into funny and not very situations. Here are just a few compelling examples - including from the set of Harry Potter.

Emilia Clarke, Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman: funny and strange cases on the set
Emilia Clarke, Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman: funny and strange cases on the set

Liam Hemsworth

The Hunger Games movie is about how teenagers have to survive in the gaming arena, passing through numerous tests. This tape brought fame to both Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth - the performers of the two main roles. The actors were constantly making fun of each other.

Hamsworth went too far on the set of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay sequel. In between filming, he planted a fake dead man in Lawrence's trailer! Upon entering the trailer and seeing him, Jennifer nearly passed out. Guessing who did it, she hit Liam in the head so hard that he had a concussion. And until the cast told the crew what had happened, it was like a sudden outburst of rage.

Simon Pegg

The actor who starred in films based on the Star Trek series became famous not only for his roles. He is known in Hollywood as a master of practical jokes. During the filming of the second tape, Pegg decided to tell his colleagues that the conditions on the set are dangerous to he alth. He informed Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch that they were exposed to ion beams emitted by lasers. The only way to counter them is to apply a special "neutron cream".

Simon shared his supplies and said that, in addition, you need to constantly make wave-like movements with your fingers to scatter the rays. He even gave Benedict a fake consent to sign, which he did not really read! However, the actors quickly figured out that he was joking, and did not even begin to take revenge on him, but they still remember about the ionic face cream.

Emily Blunt

The British actress gained popularity after the release of the movie "The Devil Wears Prada". The task before her was difficult - to combine elements of comedy and drama in one role. In other films, you also had to sing and dance.

For example, in the film "Changing Reality" she played Eliza, a professional dancer, and in some scenes the actress had to dance on pointe shoes. Emily had no such experience, she had to learn everything right on the set, and then she said that she fell more than once and even twisted her leg. But I did it!

Emilia Clarke

She became famous for her role as the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones series. But to say that shooting was easy for her would be an understatement.

Clark quite often appears on the screen covered in blood. In one of the episodes, when Emilia was not only covered in fake blood, but also completely naked, she needed to go to the toilet. Because of the paint, she literally stuck to the toilet! And I had to call for help. In the famous wedding scene where she has to eat part of a horse's heart covered in fake blood, she does a brilliant job… and suffers from an upset stomach for several days. The actress admits that this is a wonderful experience, but she would like to avoid such incidents.

Alan Rickman

The Harry Potter actor as Potions Professor Severus Snape is known for his sense of humor.

During the filming of the third film, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", he, along with Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore), planted a fart-sounding machine into Daniel Rackliff's (Harry Potter) backpack. In the mornings, before Daniel woke up, Rickman took the car out of his backpack, leaving the young actor in complete disarray, because the neighbors heard these sounds! The pranksters took a long time to confess.

Unknown in Shining Saddles

Director Mel Brooks made very funny comedies, and one of his most famous works is called Blazing Saddles (1974). It's a Western parody featuring Gene Wilder, Cleavon Little and Madeline Kahn. The film satirizes racism and is full of comical anachronisms, including references to pop culture that was understandably absent from the Old West.

A funny thing happened in the final scene with Little and Wilder. Actors and extras fled in a crowd in one direction … and a certain guy was walking in the opposite direction. As it turned out, he did not know at all that films were being made here! The director did not want to reshoot a good scene and asked the man to sign an agreement to participate in the filming.

Bryan Cranston

This actor is best known for his role as W alter White in the hit series Breaking Bad. He also starred in the film "Trumbo" - a biopic about the famous Hollywood screenwriter D alton Trumbo (he wrote, for example, the scripts for the films "Spartacus" and "Roman Holiday"). The film depicts Trumbo's communist connections, and the role earned Cranston several prestigious award nominations.

There are several nude scenes in the feed, and in one of them the main character is waiting to be sent to prison. In an effort to liven up the moment and relieve tension, Cranston offered to speak on football or any other topic that came to mind, but the director did not approve of this, and the conversations did not make it into the film. Although it could be much worse: Brian liked to play pranks on colleagues with sex toys when filming Breaking Bad.

Tony Hale

This actor is known for his comical expressive roles in Arrested Development and Veep. He plays a strange guy in the subordination of a powerful woman (mother in the first series and the president in the second). But a funny situation happened on his very first shooting - in the series "Dawson's Creek".

He was offered a small role in an episode filmed in Virginia. Hale was very excited when he was in front of the cameras, and when he saw the famous actor James van der Beek in a very warm-looking coat, he could not resist remarking: "Hot thing!" Of course, he meant that Biku is hot in clothes, but because he became shy, blushed and ran away from the set without explaining anything, the ringing silence reigned in the pavilion for the next few minutes.

Zach Galifianakis

The comedian tries to play his roles as funny and expressive as the script allows. Before becoming a movie star (the comedies The Hangover, Back to Back), he starred in television series. Longest in the sitcom "Return from the Dead", where he did literally everything to leave the set forever. He said hurtful things to the director, threw the script in the face of the authors, constantly offended other actors and crew members. As a result, the series was closed, but everyone was left with an unpleasant impression. And that wasn't the only case: when The Hangover co-star Bradley Cooper said he broke up with his girlfriend, Zach wondered if it was because she had seen Cooper's last film, Fields of Darkness, and was unhappy.

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