Feminine in the male psyche

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Feminine in the male psyche
Feminine in the male psyche

Jung believed that the whole psyche of mankind is divided into male and female parts. And the “inner woman” of your man can surprise you at the most unexpected moment. Therefore, we tell you what to expect from her.

The "inner woman" of your man: what to expect?
The "inner woman" of your man: what to expect?

Male in the female psyche Jung called the animus, and the female element in the psyche of men - anima. And he clarified that the anima is responsible for feelings, moods, the ability to love and feel the beauty of the outside world (when he pretends to go out for a smoke, while he admires the sunset). Moreover, the anima, according to Jung, even determines the ability to achieve something, because we treat the outside world in much the same way as a partner of the opposite sex.

Inner slave of love

You met when he rushed out of the coffee shop after you, knelt down and handed you a cup of hot coffee to go. A real metrosexual, he knows how to dress elegantly, his iPhone model will go on sale only tomorrow, and he spends more than you on a haircut. Likes risk and spontaneity. Women adore him. But everything seems to depend on his mood - from plans for the next five minutes to his attitude towards himself. Iridescent hopes are replaced by heavy thoughts, but it is worth giving him a compliment - and he again sparkles with charm, complaisant and soft. Sometimes there is a strange feeling that he, on the contrary, can be very cruel, but you drive these thoughts away.

Why is he like this?

If the experience with the mother was positive, a loving anima will give a man the ability to appreciate beauty and generously endow him with the charm of … a child or teenager. He is constantly looking for the goddess and muse, but always finds an ordinary woman - what a shame! The Eternal Teen lives life not as a reality, but as a series of films.

What to do? Don't take his rosy plans for faith: they shine with all the colors of the spectrum, but are rarely realized. Your sense of humor will smooth things over when you have to bring him back from heaven again.

Strictly speaking, the psyche itself pushes a person to change. Resistance to this inevitably entails deep crises and a sense of defeat. But each such crisis is a chance to grow up. Try to use it to help the man realize his illusions. Let him see you as not a goddess, but a reliable girlfriend.

Inner femme fatale

Needless to say, you were "hooked" by his image of a charismatic leader. And he, in turn, watched you for a long time before he decided that you could be trusted. But time passes, and you are increasingly perplexed: how does he manage to denigrate anything with one venomous remark? When he is not in the mood, and you are nearby, you can put an end to the prospect of having a good day. Oil painting: he sat down in the kitchen, pouted, and either disassembles or assembles an ancient radio tape recorder, and you can hardly resist the desire to lock yourself in a closet and sob. You spoiled everything, of course, again, but what exactly you were guilty of is unclear. It happens the other way around: he is cheerful and happy, but you have the feeling that this is not connected with you. And sometimes it seems to you that he is your… afraid.

Why is he like this

Mood swings are, in a certain sense, an attempt to free oneself from the power of the “inner woman”, that very negative manifestation of the anima. And at these moments it can be very dangerous: a kind of femme fatale seems to take a person out of reality and torment him with fictional gloomy pictures. His scowl reflects the bitterness of this destructive battle.

What to do? Never take his blues and scathing criticism personally. His showdown with his inner witch is their business.

Keep in mind: he often attributes thoughts to you that you are not aware of. To save a man from a fictitious hell, call him more often for frankness: sooner or later he will realize that you are just a girl, and not an insidious witch.

Inner Great Dictator

"33 misfortunes" you affectionately call him. As a child, it was this clown on the bus that the controller grabbed by the scruff of the neck, and the teachers flunked the exams. You met him when he finally got a job and even received an award, but then the losing streak began again: he is laid off, he is broke and suffers at the top of his voice. Everyone is to blame for what happened: the boss, colleagues and … of course, you! Sometimes you just want to say that you are not his mom and you are not obliged to solve his problems.

Why is he like this?

The negative figure of the grouchy mother - the anima - repeats the same thing: “You are nothing. All your efforts are meaningless. Everything is fine with others, but with you …”And this becomes a good reason not to do anything. After all, mom should do everything, right?

What to do? Just do not try to communicate with him in a motherly way: on the contrary, you should constantly emphasize that you see in him not a child, but a man.

There is a good rule: in order to feel strong, a person must help someone weaker than him. Ask him for advice and help in what he knows and can do better. Let him feel like your protector. True, change will take time.

Inner beautiful lady

You became close when you defended a new project with calculators at the ready in front of the boss. He likes that you are both fighters, and he constantly drags you either to North Korea or on a crusade through the sewers of the Moscow region. He is very self-confident and cannot stand attempts to put him in his place - at these moments he is a bit tight with logic. This daredevil loves to tell people what he thinks in front of people (and this gives you confidence that he has no stone in his bosom). And he is also quick-witted: today he left, slamming the door, and tomorrow he returned as if nothing had happened and again calls to conquer the sewers.

Why is he like this?

If a man has freed himself from the power of a negatively tuned anima, he is ready to play the game on an equal footing. His inner feminine aspect is a girlfriend, a sister. And she inspires him to be resourceful, courageous, protective and ready to fight.

What to do? When communicating with such a person, a sense of humor is simply necessary (not because he is so gloomy, on the contrary, he likes to laugh), but if you want to see him in all his splendor call to the competition. For example, who will wash more dishes.

Strictly speaking, he doesn't need much help. Unless in situations where the authoritarian beginning of the inner woman tries to expose him again as a clumsy, your task is to be on his side.

Inner Snow Queen

Stubborn, withdrawn, almost always cold and mysterious. He does not allow intrusion into his world (and was shocked when you moved his ashtray to the other side of the table). But with him you feel like behind a stone wall. Your hero is successful, he is considered a smart man, but rather dry. This man thinks about life so much that he can hardly feel and live, and he never excludes the possibility of betrayal.

Why is he like this?

The female aspect in the psyche of a man is most responsible for cordiality. If contact with this aspect is broken, get acquainted: before you is a pedantic "rusk" living in a world of abstractions.

What to do? His suspiciousness is “from the mind”, try not to be offended by this. Do you want to achieve something or convince him that you are right? Alas, it is necessary to look for arguments, and logical ones. And who promised that it would be easy?

If emotions have been suppressed for a long time, the breakthrough will be like a tsunami. We women are better able to manage this flow, because we constantly train (cowards call it tantrums, but they are cowards). Teach a man to show his feelings in small "portions": he will be convinced that this is not fatal.

Inner good sorceress

He loves and appreciates life, and therefore tries to make it beautiful, easy. To give pleasure for this person is as pleasant as to receive. And at the same time, he is a realist focused on natural values: the well-being of the family, a comfortable home, good relationships. And you build it all together.

Why is he like this

A positive female figure arises in the soul of a man when he accepts his feelings, moods, expectations and fantasies. The anima then mediates between his intuition and consciousness. From such a "union" sometimes bright works of literature, painting or music are born.

What to do? Rejoice! You can trust him: if he says he loves, then so it is. Are you worried about something? Just talk about it and everything will fall into place.

But keep in mind: such a person needs creativity, even if it is expressed in the artistic roasting of sausages on the grill. When he is absorbed in some business, this does not mean that he has moved away from you: give a man personal space and freedom of expression, do not interfere - and you will not regret it.

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