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Biography of Elka
Biography of Elka

Perhaps the most recognizable singer with intellectual content and unusual presentation - Yolka - hides her personal life behind seven seals. However, it is still there.

Christmas decorations. How a singer from a Ukrainian town became a real star
Christmas decorations. How a singer from a Ukrainian town became a real star

Elizaveta Ivantsiv - this is the name of the favorite of the public on the passport. However, the artist herself has repeatedly stated that she practically does not respond to Lisa. From childhood, even her mother called the stubborn and self-willed girl Yolka. And so the name stuck. When the girl began to gain popularity as a singer, producer Vlad Valov even offered to name herself simply as in her passport, but the singer was adamant.

But the producer, the pseudonym, the first performances - all this was not all at once. First, a little girl from the Western Ukrainian Uzhgorod got into the choir and the vocal circle. There she was recorded by her parents, who were fond of music, however, not professionally. Dad was just a music lover, and grandparents sang in the folk choir.


The results of working on the main instrument - the voice - were amazing. Yolka even decided to connect her profession with vocal skills, in connection with which, after school, she entered the music school in the corresponding department. But she left him. Later, in an interview, the star will tell that then she did not get along with the teacher.

In the 90s, when such a genre as rap finally reached our country, the young performer began her career in this genre. However, the group in which she was a member - "B &B", did not enjoy great success. She was noticed only by true fans of this culture, which, in fact, were very few.

Vlad Valov

I noticed a talented performer and famous rap artist and producer of SHEF - Vlad Valov. For some reason, the man did not immediately react to meeting Elka.

Three years have passed, the singer despaired of doing something meaningful in her musical career. The group broke up, and Yolka was going to do other things, when suddenly a message came from Valov with an offer to participate in a concert dedicated to the memory of Micah.

She decided that this was a prank, that nothing like this could happen to a girl from a distant Ukrainian town, that she needed to learn a new profession … while the singer thought so, a ticket to Moscow came to her name, paid for by Valov's team and an official invitation speak.

Bright sunset

At the concert, Yolka got the most famous Mikheev composition - "Bitch Love". The singer, who brilliantly coped with the task, immediately won the hearts of a large audience and received a contract with the Valov production center. The signing of the documents was followed by a bright entry into the Russian show business.

The new performer with an unusual manner, smart lyrics and non-pop music began to be praised. Her compositions, one by one, became real hits, which the whole country sang. Moreover, the audience of Yolka was an adult, it’s not for you to fool teenagers.

The simple life

Yolka Phenomenon in one of her interviews she explained personally. She admitted that she is a very difficult person, but on stage, during the performance, she comes to life and changes. The singer experiences real happiness during creativity, she is overwhelmed with thousands of emotions, she conveys them to the listener, and he, of course, feels such an intensity.

In the same interview, Yolka said that she does not put music in the first place. Yet there are too many simple little joys in life that make life free and enjoyable. Elka said that in her free time she lives a very simple life. He doesn’t go to parties, he likes to lie around with a book, go in for sports and soak up the massage. But the artist avoids her personal life in such interviews.

Strange marriage

However, there is still some information about the romantic side of the singer's life. Vlad Valov, the former Yolka producer, gave comments on this subject a long time ago in an interview.

He said that she had no restrictions on her personal life in the contract. The singer could freely get married, get pregnant, go on maternity leave … Later, Vlad admits that looking at her marriage, he regretted that he had not prescribed his influence on the situation.

And the marriage was strange. It is known that she met her future husband back in the mid-90s at the Ukrainian resort Karolino-Bugaz. There, the singer gave concerts, and Sergei Astakhov rested with his family. A holiday romance began, after which the couple did not meet for ten years. And only after her arrival in Moscow and the beginning of her career, Sergey suddenly appeared again.

Family matters

He lived in one of the settlements near Moscow with his parents. Together with his father, they were interrupted by seasonal work. The man did not have a permanent profession. Close couples call an affair with Yolka the classic relationship of “mommy” and “alphonse”.

It is known that after a modest family wedding, the then-famous singer took her husband to the position of her own administrator, but soon fired him. Sergey couldn't cope.

Having married in 2010, the couple laid the first stone in a joint nest - a huge house of 500 square meters in Sergiev Posad, overlooking the monastery. The first years, lovers often visited the construction site, which was slow and dragged on for six years. But in 2016, the couple stopped working at home and started their own relationship, which completely went wrong.

No comment

It is still not known for certain whether the relationship between the spouses ended, or the Christmas tree simply hid them from prying eyes even more carefully. Close singers say that she was tired of dragging everything on herself and she decided to leave. Sergey's relatives insist that he is a kind and sympathetic person, and Yolka was lucky with him.

No matter how relations develop between the spouses, it is only known that the artist removed joint photos from the public domain and began to increasingly deal with animals, and not with her family. She still does not comment on her personal life.

Photo: Persona Stars, Instagram

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